What is the point of following someone on Twitter?

by chrisj
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What is the point/advantage/benefit of following someone on Twitter?
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    If they are an influencer (have lots of followers) and retweat one of your posts -- it could potentially mean a lot of traffic to an offer or squeeze page.

    You need to be selective who you follow and put monetized tweets in to the collection as well as ones that will interest your audience.

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    Following users on Twitter has a number of benefits, a few of these are.

    You get to see their tweets/content and read/share with your followers
    They might follow you back and/or retweet your stuff
    Their followers follow you
    Allows you to connect with niche authorities

    Just because an authority doesn't follow you back, it doesn't mean there are no benefits.
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    People follow others on Twitter if they post interesting or helpful material. Others follow for entertainment purposes, or just to keep up on a product or celebrity. If you are in the MMO niche, having a strong Twitter account is pretty much a necessity, but good social accounts are great to have for any niche, they will bring you tons of targeted traffic.

    Full-time entrepreneur | YouTuber | Ecom Coach | Social Media Expert

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    If you follow someone in the Twitter, you will get update status from him/ her. If the person is as star, you will get in touch on him in every day of your daily life. Such as when the people will write a status, you will see the status automatically. Thanks.
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    It's like micro-blogging or using feeds. You can keep an eye on their content and read their tweets.

    Plus if you get a RT from an influencer you will get massive traffic from it.

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    To connect with them! Just like any other social platform. You can find people that you have a common interest in and communicate.

    You really want to spend time on the personal communication as well as just following people. The idea behind the follow is people follow you back and in return you see each others tweet and spam.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    If you build up a targeted follower base it can potentially mean excellent traffic. If you follow someone they might follow you back if you are similar interested and this way you can grow your audience.
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      Originally Posted by FerdinandoF View Post

      If you build up a targeted follower base it can potentially mean excellent traffic. If you follow someone they might follow you back if you are similar interested and this way you can grow your audience.
      This is one of the ways to build followers without advertising / leaking traffic from your site. By identifying people who are interested in your target and following them - it puts your twitter account in front of their eyes and if they like what they see, they'll follow you back.

      I don't recommend blanket following as Twitter puts thresholds and controls to limit this behaviour. If you can work within the guidelines, it's a great way to connect with potential customers and generate traffic.
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    social media is all about developing connections and relationships...people come on Twitter to network with people rather than seeing marketing based ads...by following people you ensure that people see your Twitter profile among other million ones...

    Chintan Mehta

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      People who are bored out of their skulls get on Twitter.

      I dabbled in it. There is absolutely money to be made with it. No question
      But at what Cost ?

      I'll pass.

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Can't say I've tried to utilise Twitter with my "work" yet, so can't offer much on that front.

    From a personal perspective, I've been using Twitter for years. Not heavily, but when/if you have 5 minutes spare, you can quickly catch up on relevant news, sports, how your friend's holiday is going, funny videos, etc etc.

    So in essence you'd "follow" someone just so you can see what they've been up to. Alternatively, you can follow news or sports accounts for more relevant info, or in this space you could follow well-renowned marketers to keep tabs on what's working for them right now etc.

    Wouldn't say I'm particularly active on it but it kills time occasionally

    From a business perspective there's obviously huge potential there but it isn't something I've dabbled in yet myself.
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    You get to see their updates(tweets)???
    I'm not really sure what you are getting at? or do you mean why follow people in terms of growing your business??

    Unfortunately Twitter has starting to tank lately :|
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    Originally Posted by chrisj View Post

    What is the point/advantage/benefit of following someone on Twitter?
    No one is telling to follow you anyone

    I follow some people like @brock lesnar @andy roddick @anik singal @gluckpilz because i like and respect these people ,there are no advantages and disadvantes of it ,Its just your personal choice ,I always take this as an inspiration when i hear about them and try to replicate the same for me ,May be i have been successful in that who knows

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    Twitter is a good way to know what's been said about you and your business (if you have one) and it is a great way to unearth useful information by using the twitter search.I also find it's a great way to see what is trending in your topic of interest e.g/movies, marketing etc.
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    99% of the comments here are incorrect or happen so rarely that there is no reason to consider it as true.

    The only reason to follow someone on twitter is because you want to see what they are saying.

    The second, and less solid reason, is to roll the dice and see if they will follow you. They likely will not, especially if you are a new account. Even if they do, you will quickly look like someone who is following people to get follows, which kills your brand very quickly.

    So really, you should only be following people if you want to see their posts.
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    If you would like to get update from anyone, you can follow that person in the twitter. After following a person in the Twitter, when the person will make any post, you will get that post automatically. Thanks
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    Social media is all about increasing your network and then marketing your stuff, when you will follow accounts on twitter, most of them will follow you back or you can ask them for follow back but always keep in mind one thing that just follow your relevant accounts and share interested stuff.
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    People will follow you back. A better method is to actually follow the people who retweets or likes a specific tweet! This way you will only get active followers!

    I made a little video on this you guys can check it out.
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    You will get their regular updates, they might follow you back.
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    Following can be a great tool for networking, learning, and even generating leads on Twitter. Knowing that everyone you follow is somehow valuable to you, you can more easily reach out to the right accounts. Whether you’re using Twitter as an individual and want to learn from others, or you’re a business wanting to generate leads, a follow strategy will help you get at the right accounts, quickly.
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    It's hugely important. I have found many collaborators from Twitter, all because of a follow.

    The REAL challenge with Twitter is to make your followers count. You can have 10000 followers, but if only 10 interact with you in a month, what's really the point?
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    I also do not know but the fact is that people are doing it which is the only thing that matters. Whether people notice you on a billboard, in a magazine or on the Internet, it is all good promotion. It gives you views and potentially profit. We are living in a world of likes and shares and you better get used to it if you wish to improve your business
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    You can share updates with each other
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    When you follow someone on twitter, you will get all their updates. Thus it is important to follow right people to get useful information.
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    The follow backs mostly / great way to get followers.
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