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Hi there

I used to have a phone number for facebook customer service in Spain but lost it.

anyone out there have it?


My account got disabled for promoting an affiliate product. they did not like.

the support message will not go through.

and i cant set up a business account. ---it says my account is disabled.

any suggestions?

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    Hmm, give us more detail about your disabled account. Are they asking for an ID or it is totally banned?

    It is hard to find their phone number, but you can use their form to send a ticket regarding your concern
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    Here is a phone number for the Facebook customer service
    Phone: 650-543-4800

    They don't offer a telephone support but you can leave a message with your concern. Hopefully that helps you.
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    Try and get a new facebook account and verify with good phone number Thanks
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    Do you really think a network wiith around 2 billion users will have a customer call service ?
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    • well Google has amazing support. and even personal account managers for advertisers - so ye-
      I DO.
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    try to Facebook Support and ask your Question and i hope they solve your problem
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    sent a form to Facebook support centre, or change your IP address.

    Enjoy life, Enjoy free!

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