I am going to make a post in an Open Group in Facebook. My friends will see my post ?

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Hi, I need to know if I post in an Open group in Facebook my friends will read what that post when they open facebook. My friends are not in that open group, but i am afraid that some of then will read it. Many thanks!
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    It won't pop up on their newsfeed but if they go to the group page they should be able to see it.

    Does this answer your question?
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    They will see it in their news feeds actually. I've posted solo ad messages in groups before, and some of my personal friends have commented on seeing them.

    I don't like blending my personal world with business, so I've ended up creating a separate FaceBook account purely for marketing.
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    Don't worry, they won't see it on their newfeed or on their notifications button.
    If you have something to hide, why don't you use other facebook account and post to that group?
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    I think there is an option in the admin setting of your page wherein you'll be able to restrict who can only see what you share.. unless if a friend of yours is also on the group.

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    As others have mentioned, the only surefire way of preventing your friends from seeing your posting activity in an open group is to create another profile.

    You could try to work with the privacy settings, but I have found that they can be somewhat temperamental and aren't always 100% reliable. Better safe than sorry, especially if what you are posting could be harmful to your personal or work life.
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    If you don't want to show them your posts you can do the settings in your Facebook account.
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