Best Social Media for Product Promotion

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I want to know which platform is best for the promotion of the product. I already use the following platform. so please is anyone know exclude this tell me.

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    I can rewrite the list.
    1) Twitter
    2) Facebook
    3) Google Plus (There are lots of communities on Google+. You can use these communities for your business purpose. Last week I got a lot of people from Google+ communities.)
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    Personally, I find Pinterest and Facebook to be the best. I've never tried Google+ and Twitter didn't work worth a hoot for me.
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    It depends on the type of product and the kind of audience you are looking to attract.

    If it is B2B, you can try

    If it is B2C, then go for

    No matter what platform you use, make use of images and keep the audience engaged with relevant content.

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    who are your target market? it will greatly depend on the market and the type of product that you want to promote. Facebook is more convenient as nearly everyone is on Facebook and also very easy to use. Thank you
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    Personally, I find Google+ and Facebook to be the best.
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    it depends on your strategy... it also depends on how you share and promote your product.. these two things are very useful if you focus on them..... then comes the best social media.. in my view all the social medias are best but if you want to consider a one then i say use face and then twitter and then google+ ..... because people mostly use facebook to talk and search other things ... so make a page or account and add people there make a group there and engage people in discussion with you. then tell them about your products, post pictures, and articles and specifications of your product then people will definately look into consideration of your products.. this is the best way to enagage people same you can do for the Google+ and twitter.... but they are bit different there are many other social sites also
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    I would say Facebook (ads) is one of your best choices - easy targeting and basically it's the second biggest PPC network
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    We uncover Google+ and also Facebook to get the most effective.
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    You can try on more i.e. Google merchant.....
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    I suggest to start with Facebook. And don’t forget, that in order to get solid list of customers for your business - time is a must. Your post should be relevant to what you offer on your site or business and you have to respond in 2 hours.
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    I think that Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin would be completely enough to work with, as these are the most efficient tools.
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    I got my website promotion using Facebook,twitter,Google+,Linkedin I got good result, so try this for best promotion. thanks.
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    Youtube + Twitter is the best.

    Youtube to make good sales videos that force people to buy and twitter to drive targeted. traffic to these videos
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    Many social media site promote your business like Facebook,G+,twitter,Pinterest and many more.
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    I can probably suggest Facebook and Google + for promoting any site or business. Facebook is the best trending social media nowadays, While twitter is there in social media, but it never helps in promoting any products.
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    All of the above mentioned social media is good for product promotion.
    I prefer social media tools to manage my social media activities and effective promotion on,
    Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Stumbleupon,Tumbler,Ins tagram and other social media.
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    I guess this is Twitter and Instagram. Especially Instagram will be profitable for promoting of a product as far as it's very popular nowadays.
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    I would say is another good one too. It 's a bookmark site but it can be used as social platform
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    LinkedIn, G+, Reddit are some other great options to use for website promotion.
    I prefer LinkedIn for business marketing, by LinkedIn company pages and LinkedIn groups.
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    FB and Instagram, basically because it's still growing
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    Facebook and Instagram, I've got more leads from Instagram but it depends what you are promoting. Tumblr can also generate decent traffic to your website if you regulary post content with rich tags.
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    Facebook and twitter are best social media sites for promoting your product
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    You can share your product on G+ , Reddit, and Instagram for heavy traffic generation and promotion of your website.

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      Hmm.. Facebook would be one of the best social media platforms you can use to promote your product/s. Next would be Instagram. Followed by Pinterest and Tumblr. You can also create a YouTube account to share mini slideshows of your products or clips of your products.
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    are some other nice option for social media marketing.
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      One of the most important points you brought up was sharing pieces of content multiple times in your social accounts. A content piece is a large investment of time at create and you want the most bang for your buck. Share it a few times when you first create it under different titles and angles. If a topic comes up in the news that is relevant to an old content piece you wrote make sure to share it again. SO much easier than writing a whole new piece.
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    All social media platform is good, it's best if you know the uses!

    But twitter is excellent as I own promoting my business and getting good result!
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    I think Facebook is the best social site for product promotion. You may also try on Instagram but Facebook is the place to promote. Becasue Facebook has the biggest number of traffic. So there is always a good chance of getting traffic from Facebook.
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    Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the best social media for product promotion. In my personal view, Facebook will be better for promotion because it is so popular and has the number of people all over the world, so it will be easier and and more advantageous for you.
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