Fake Facebook Account To Build Fanpage?

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Okay, so for awhile I've had an idea to help build likes for my fanpages. The problem is I'm not sure if it could get me into trouble with FB. The idea is to create a fake profile, then join different groups related to my fanpage. After some time with the groups I would start adding people as friends. I could then invite all my friends to join my facebook page. Of course this could be done with my personal account but I really would like to keep them separated. Is this an okay practice? Anybody else try this?
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    Well, if Facebook knew that, your account will be blocked until you upload a governmental issued ID or a passport.
    And Facebook algorithms are very smart to know which account is fake or real.
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      Originally Posted by SebastianFS View Post

      Well, if Facebook knew that, your account will be blocked until you upload a governmental issued ID or a passport.
      And Facebook algorithms are very smart to know which account is fake or real.
      100% correct you are!!
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    Yes it's true you may eventually wind up with a blocked account, but that said a lot of people do this successfully. You just have to be sure you don't go too crazy and start tripping up FB's triggers by doing things like adding too many people too fast, or more specifically sending too many requests out within a day to "make friends"

    Or joining too many groups in a day or even within a 10 minute period. Liking too many posts back to back, etc. Anything you can do, if you do too much too quick, even uploading photos to your own account... FB will start to throw verifications at you and if it's a big enough deal or you trip too many triggers in a row (there is no way to tell what's too much btw, it's all guessing within reason) but, you will eventually get hit with either a Friend's verify lock or an ID lock.

    If you take it slow, if you're responsible with this type of thing you can stand a decent chance of getting away with it. It's not really something I'd recommend as a long term strategy but if you need traffic and can't afford to do it the right way via ads, then this works if done right. "Right" being subjective because again it's all guess work and you just never know what will set off those triggers so tread carefully.
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    It sounds like the most I risk is losing a fake account, am I right? So I'm going to go ahead and try it. Try to do it in a natural way by adding people from groups that I've had conversations with not just mass friending everybody in a group. I think this can be a good tactic if done correctly.
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    Basically, yes.

    Now I will say that if you have a primary (valid / personal) account be prepared for a possible check on that one too. But if it's a real account that you can verify then I'd assume it's safe to say you won't have much to worry about.

    This is against FB's terms so technically you have no room to debate if an account gets shut down, just keep this fact in mind. That said, if you take it slow in the beginning, and only progress responsibly you should stand a good chance of keeping everything in order.
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    I dont think so. You should run ads on FB.
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    very risky my friend. sooner or later facebook will figure out your tricks. and your effort will be useless once they notice it.
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    Effectively, in the event Fb realized that will, ones bank account will be clogged before you upload any governmental granted IDENTITY or maybe a passport.
    As well as Fb algorithms have become best if you understand which often bank account is actually phony or perhaps real.
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    in fake account you will soon block. it for a while not for life. so we need to work. then we must use real facebook acc.
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    I Guess the worst thing could happen is you paying for fake likes and after some time Facebook will ban these fake accounts and you lose your likes.

    But it would definitely work in the beginning as the more likes you already have the more trust worthy your page looks.
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    You can use fake facebook account for temporary use....
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    Yes, I'd say this idea would suffice only as a temporary means.
    I saw something about bank accounts and my initial reaction to that is... "what?" That confused the every living Moses out of me and holds no ground. I would hope whoever puts this method into practice wouldn't put their CC info into ANY fake accounts, that would just be counter productive.

    Does this stuff work, YES!
    Will your account eventually be shut down... HELL YES!!

    That said, it's still a viable option for results. Sure it's gray-hat, maybe even bordering on black-hat but if you do this responsibly and don't use this method to scam anybody out of their hard earned cash or resources -and it's the only option you've got cause you can't afford ppc- then it's all up to the individual what they want to try.

    Just know it will involve work, you will constantly be playing catch-up due to losing accounts, granted an account could last for months if you're cautious, and it may or may not be worth it in the end. It all depends on how you do it and what you do it for.

    That said, play at your own risk-
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    Creating fake accounts is grey hat though I have heard of different arguments for creating these fake accounts (mostly out of security reasons) and it takes only a few reports before Facebook puts you into 'facebook jail'. If you liked a bunch of people you do not know, you may have trouble with the friends verify lock and may have to write off your account.

    Just as Jason has noted, be as respectful as you can and avoid tripping up any Facebook fraud triggers. There are better ways to build up traffic but at the end of the day, do this at your own risk.
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