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Good afternoon fellow warriors.

I run my fare share of social media pages as a company and have a few experiments too.

One such experiment is a Facebook page with 22k+ fans in the pet niche. I have been racking my brain for ways to monetize but to no avail it sits and doesn't do much of anything. We grew it in the era of meme's

Any thoughts or ideas?

I am open to just about anything.

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    Get related content . monitizeing 22k fans won't be that big.
    I would advertise for more fans .

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    I wouldn't get my hopes up for a page of that volume... Not enough to work with.

    Anyway, I'm just one opinion and without seeing the actual page it's hard to say.

    I would create a niche site/blog and start posting there what you've been posting to the FB page. Monetize with AdSense and sneak in an affiliate product every now and then once you've figured out what your traffic is really hungry for.
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    Thank you BranTheMan and iluvatoq for the feedback.

    We haven't done much with the page knowing 22k isn't much these days.

    The page is:

    Just not page we use and it is just sitting dormant.

    Neighbor Hub
    Custom Web Development | Google Search Console | Specialized in Wordpress/Joomla Development

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    You could try contacting smaller pet niche blogs and offering them advertising opportunities at a reasonable price. An advertising audience of 22,000 targeted people would sound pretty good to new website owners.
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    I agree with advertising for more fans and also for creating a blog site where you can sell a product and build your email list. It's interesting because people are sharing your content a lot and that's great. Maybe you can leverage that by asking your users to generate some content for you?
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