Any was to target FAcebook Groups in your ad?

by Raydal
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I was hoping to find a way to target certain groups on FB, but I don't see
how. Anyone?

-Ray Edwards
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    I don't know of an easy method, though I would also be interested if one exists.
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    There is no such method that lets you target groups via ads .
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    In my experience, I have found lots of targeting strategies for Facebook, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish - whether it's to get more fans/followers, sell more stuff or advertise - there's a way. There are also plenty of free and paid strategies for accomplishing specific goals with Facebook targeting.

    In a nutshell, if you know your demographic really well and you really know your niche market, you can leverage Facebook's powerful targeting platform that will give you some starting results.

    Good luck...
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    Well, that seems to be the popular answer. I guess the advanced folks have the
    work around for this. I'm coming to realize that the most important element
    of FB ad success is building that audience. Wrong audience and you're
    throwing away your money.

    -Ray Edwards
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