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I am planning to create a facebook fan page and conduct video contests every month for a social cause. I want to make money too in the process. I never did facebook contests before and I am learning a lot now.

Could you please recommend some good WSO which teaches techniques to maximize the use of facebook fan page and youtube video channel techniques.

Here are the questions I have.

1- I am expecting at least 100 video submissions for every contest. I want people to upload the videos to my youtube account and then I will manually link those videos to my facebook contest page. I want to encourage people to subscribe to my channel but my concern is that it may bother them with constant emails when ever someone uploads videos. How can I go around this problem?

2- Same issue with facebook. I want to encourage people to become fans. How to avoid annoying people(fans of the page) when ever there is a video posted?

3- I want people to submit to my youtube account so that I can make some money with youtube ads. Any other ideas on how I can make money in the process?

4- Any ideas on how I can make money with this on facebook by running ads?

5- I want to maximise the use of social media and want to use people to promote the page and give them points based on the number of shares they can get to their videos. Any ideas are appreciated.

6- Which app do you recommend for doing contests. I researched a lot and narrowed down on Tabsite or Votigo. Any recommendations from experienced people?

7- I am willing to pay for 1 hour consultation if anyone is an expert and can give a good and complete plan for a reasonable price.

I wanted to create a contest on Warrior forum to give me ideas and I was ready to pay for the best ideas but I am about 20 posts short of being eligible to create a WF contest. I dont want to spam to become eligible.
Any help is appreciated.
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    Gaining traction on Facebook becomes a balance of putting out high-quality content (are these videos something people would be likely to share & also not just spamming video after video, you'll need to find other content to help buffer your promotional posts), outreach/interaction with other pages/groups and running ad campaigns that are effective at reaching your target audience. You can run small, rather inexpensive trial runs to determine which interests you select have the best engagement rate and lowest cost per click.
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    Hi, any type of contest requires lot of people to take part and same goes for social cause.

    Your plan is good but I see, you're depending on fresh traffic only. Make strategy for recycled traffic.

    For example, you can add list building in all your campaigns covering facebook fanpages, youtube videos, sites, blog etc. It will help you to bring huge visitors on any cause or contest at short amount of time.
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      I understand your point. That was exactly what I was planning to do. But the problem is I may end up annoying them when they get a message for every video posted. COuld you please look at my concerns in points 1 and 2 and let me know if you have a solution.
      Appreciate it.
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    It depends on your niche, though I would suggest creating these contests on a Wordpress website where you post interesting content consistently. Your content will help drive additional traffic and provide further value.

    You can host the contests on the website and invite YouTubers to either upload the videos to your separate account or send them to you with permission for you to upload them to your channel. Once they are uploaded, you can embed them on your website and categorize them based on each contest.

    You can build out a Facebook presence as well, though I would recommend using your own website as the main platform. Also, by using your own website, your list will not receive automated emails and you could send out round-up style newsletters each week to promote the videos.
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