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can anyone tell me how to find location based group search.

I want to join in restaurant fb groups that are in particular location eg. singapore. how can i able to find those groups?
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    Title: Icecast: Denial of Service (GLSA 201508-03)*
    Severity: normal*
    Exploitable: remote*
    Date: August 15, 2015*
    Bug(s): #545968*
    ID: 201508-03*


    A bug in the Icecast code handling source client URL authentication*
    causes a Denial of Service condition.*


    Icecast is an open source alternative to shoutcast that supports mp3,*
    ogg (vorbis/theora) and aac streaming.
    Gentoo Forums :: View topic - [ GLSA 201508-03 ] Icecast
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    can I post in other business page.?
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    hi hilarioushari,

    What are you looking for fb groups about specific restaurant or fb group about a specific type of cuisine in a particular area ?

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    You can share google a lot of group or ask travel company
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    just go to facebook and try restaurant groups singapore, restaurant singapore or something like that.
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      thanks. If I type "restaurant in singapore" I can only able to see the group that is exactly named like that. If I type restaurants then I can see all the restaurant groups all over the world.
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