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Hello guys,i see many ppl who uploading football or boxing vidoes,i also see ads on those vids so they monetize them.How they dont have problems with copyrights?They delete logos yes but still if you try take this videos and upload them youtube will block you.

I see some video makes make highlights vidoes about everything and they doing that for many years and have some very big channels and many followers (so make very good $$$ from it) Thank you!
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    It basically comes down to whether the copyright holder complains or not. YT has a system (Content ID) that allows copyright holders to more easily identify their intellectual property. Content owners must upload files to Content ID (reference files), but from there the identification process is automated .

    It isn't foolproof. I've experienced a few false positives where YT took my video down because it matched something in the database. On appeal, my videos have always been reinstated. But I think that if you do blatantly steal something, you will get caught.

    Copyright holders can choose to ignore matches, or they can demand that the content be taken down. They can also request a chunk of the income being generated from the videos, and I think that's what you're seeing happening.

    In fact, I have seen a few videos from big video creators complaining that Nintendo and other large companies are now profiting off of their videos.

    The key thing to remember here is that it's not up to you what happens. You might get "lucky" and have to split the revenue with the content owner, or your videos might get taken down completely and your account closed.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Hello dude,thank you for answer but that look wrong.There is anybody here having big YT channel?
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    What do you think I'm wrong about? This is the way it works. It's a perfect system for YouTube, as they no longer have liability, and it's a perfect arrangement for distributes and other content owners. As usual, it's the honest video creators getting shafted.

    Again, it isn't that YouTube is blocking you. It's that the content you're mixing into your videos has already been claimed by someone else (presumably the owner) in Content ID. Content ID is an algorithm that finds their clips in your videos and then notifies the content owner.

    The content owner can then choose to either leave you alone or go after you. That is why some people get away with it and others don't. But it's not up to the individual video uploader.

    The system has been fine-tuned since it first came out, but it still throws false positives.

    YouTube’s Content ID System Will Take Away Your Money If You Dare Sing “Silent Night”

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Ok,i see you right sir,thank you for answer!
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