How we get more traffic from facebook?

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Hi Friends,
Can you tell me that how i get more taffic from fb without buy facebook votes?
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    If this helps, I have a facebook social guide, which I use to attract traffic from facebook.

    Additonally, I also use my FB page, to post content and invite people to look at and comment on it.

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    You can do the following -
    1.Promote Your Facebook Page On Your Other Social Networks
    2.Promote Your Facebook Page On Your Blog
    3.Tell Your Email List About It
    4.Participate In Facebook Groups
    5.Do Shout Out Exchanges With Other Facebook Pages
    6.Post Multiple Times Per Day
    7.Look At Your Page Insights
    8.Use Facebook Advertising
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      Joining Facebook groups,but make sure the are related to your niche, you will need to join 2 to 3 hundred to be effective.

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    First you promote your page on social networks sites and invite the people suggest to them comment on it.
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    Use this steps for Facebook traffic:-

    Your profile is your major weapon
    Include information about your site on your Wall and in the photo gallery
    Build your network
    Post regularly
    Be active
    Arrange your page
    Check what Facebook apps are available
    Use Facebook Social Ads
    Start a group
    Write your own Facebook extensions

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    I have many clones facebook account but many are also requested to attach ID card. Any solution?
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    Post Quality Content- Post content that is relevant to your audience. Fans will like and share such content! Increased engagement will help your edge rank score as well as chances that their friends see this content.
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    Post unique and interesting articles, images and videos to get more traffic to your website.
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    Initial steps to bring more clicks--
    1) Post interesting blogs with relevant images
    2) Well designed info-graphics
    3) Inspirational quotes, proverbs etc(with image)
    4) Videos, as usual
    5) Invite friends to like your pages frequently
    6) Like/share other's posts
    7) Post 2/3 times/day
    8) Add to your interests(movies, books etc)
    9) Join groups
    10) Share your posts among various groups to reach more people.
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    You can use # tag for treading of day … You can search on Google and find today treading of business or less
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    Join many Facebook group and make Facebook friend,invite people and Facebook ads.
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    Content is the King!
    First of all you need to create an engaging content.
    After that you can invite your friends, entry in FB groups and etc.
    But content is #1
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    Facebook pages is your best chance.

    Get hundreds of Facebook likes today!

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    In every image that you upload to your fb, write your URL on footer, it too help you!
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    If you want FB traffic without paying for it the only way you are going to do it organically is to get involved.

    That means joining groups, interacting, liking posts, asking questions.

    It also means posting and posting a lot. It's going to take a lot of work.

    Why don't you follow your competitors pages and model their most popular posts? You will know what works in your market and you'll be able to post what they want.

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  • build network of more and more groups and share your page in multiple group with step by step do it regularly and you get benefit in just few days.

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    You can bring a lot of traffic by Facebook Business page, caret quality posts, use images, videos in your posts.
    Find your target audience and share relevant stuffs, connect with other social media, scrape Facebook data using Facebook data scraper to make perfect strategy.
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    Ways to Improving Facebook Traffic

    1. Use Embed Widgets on Your Website and other social networks.
    2. Reshare your all facebook posts on Other social sites
    3. Add Facebook commenting option below each post or pages.
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    And don't forget to invite people to like your page who already liked your page's post. This is simply. Just check who liked your post and if it's possible click "invite".
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    I recently found out you can use hash tags on Facebook just like Twitter.

    Also, posting content that people want to share is always the #1 free thing you can do.

    Otherwise, just link to your Facebook page from all your other sites and social accounts.
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    promote your facebook page that is the best option.
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    You can do this by using Facebook API pf likes and share button on your website where you want to redirect the traffic.
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    In order to get more traffic from facebook create attractive and informative contents with unique images. Apart from these share your posts to multiple groups that will help you to reach more people and alternately will help to generate more traffic.
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    Facebook is the great medium to promote your website or brand. You can promote your website through creating page & also by run Facebook ads which help to generate more traffic towards your website.
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    Post some videos on your facebook page that can go viral. This would encourage visitors to share out and would increase your page traffic.
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