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So I started a Facebook page for my blog, and got up to 400 followers through paid advertising.

I want to gain more likes, but naturally without spending anymore money.

I try to post once or twice a day but each post only reaches about 10 people unless someone likes it or shares it.

My content is interesting, but no one is seeing it. How could i naturally get more likes on my page?

I see that a lot of people are uploading videos to Facebook (mostly videos that don't belong to them), is that an option for me? to upload videos to Facebook that I've found on youtube. ?

Any advice on how to grow my Facebook page would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  • You know the thing with Facebook is that only 6% of your followers can see your new posts on their timelines. If you want to do something to make your content reach more people, you can try to apply these methods:

    1) Engage your community by asking them questions through your post. For eg "Do you think is is fair?", "What are your thoughts about XYZ?", "Have you been in this situation? Share your experience" etc.

    2) Choose a right time to post. It can be in the evening or at night when most of your users have time to read your posts and think about them.

    3) Post interesting headlines that can lead to a debate. For eg. "Whom would you support? XYZ or ABC?", "Are you a X type of person or Y?", "Savings or Party?" and they can respond with a justification that will automatically boost your post.

    Even if you don't belong to an industry where you can post something like this, try to find out those factors that your users want to talk about. You will automatically see the difference in the reach and popularity of your page.

    Good luck with your efforts.
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  • Agreed with everything eLuminous said, and videos might depend on your niche. My wife started pushing Avon (I know), and the Facebook page was pretty stagnant. Then I started looking up good makeup tutorial vidoe's and posting those. Things have grown a lot since, and she is making a couple sales a day with a lot more shares.
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