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Is this really possible ? lets hear from the social media experts...
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    Originally Posted by breedskool View Post

    Is this really possible ? lets hear from the social media experts...
    It is very possible. Many people already gain to 1m in 1 month.

    Well, you can create memes, competition, boost your Facebook page by buying ads. The more money you can invest on Facebook ads and the more efforts you put into the pages by creating memes that can attract a lot of likes you are golden.

    To conclude, the more money you can put into Facebook ads and how much people want to like you post affect your likes a lot.
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    with lot's of money or lot's of luck . Both will work

    Post Your Content On Our Active Fanpage ( 2 mil REAL likes )
    17% engagement rate. Contact me for more info.

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    Facebook Video ads will get you damn cheap FB Page Likes!
    Invite your friends to like your page first then you'll get viral likes on autopilot!

    Good Luck!
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    the easiest will be in those countries which have more than 20 million facebook users, like:

    United States

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    A few months ago, i did not reached 1 Million but i remember spent about 70 EUR or so and gathered 25k Likes but due to the low reach facebook imposes i believe facebook does not worth it. There are much better options. So with advertisig with $10k or a bit less you easily reach 1 Million. Since the Facebook inventory is Huge you can even get that amount of likes in 1 week or less.
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    Use popular/viral content and trends to grow the page. I've gotten over 100 organic likes so far today just from that. A good trick is to branch out and make a few pages in similar or related niches/topics. Then you can easily promote the page you really want to grow on those other accounts. Facebook and social media in general can be pretty easy when you jump on trends in the topic you wish to promote. I hope you have massive success!
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    If you use special tool, it is so easy for you to get this figure.
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