Is it still possible to get traffic from Yahoo Answers ?

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I tried out Disqus to generate traffic. But my account is now blocked, probably because I was adding link to my site with every comment. Is it possible to get traffic from Yahoo Answers? I'm thinking of buying level 2 account on Fiverr and start to reply for people questions. What do you think guys, is someone uses YA ?
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    Maybe it worked a few years ago, but now you will get exactly what happened to you: you will get blocked / banned.
    Why do you people like to spam so much? In the time it takes for you to spam the whole internet you could be focusing on building quality content.
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    Hey OP,

    a bit of advice. You cannot just spam a link in every post that you put out my friend. When using sites like yahoo answers you must first be a part of the community. Help solve their problems, and give them value. This will build trust, and they will look at you as an authority.

    Then you can sprinkle some of your links. And do this with a bit of creativity. Add your links in a way that is not so obvious you are promoting something.

    But sites like yahoo answers will always bring you good traffic. You just have to know how to tap into it.

    other places you can consider are:
    Quora- This site is just like YA.
    Reddit- Not exactly YA but they have a cult following, and you can get some good traffic there.

    hope this helps you buddy.
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    Spamming these platforms will not help your site rank on the first page of search engine and it could also affect the reputation of your brand.
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      SEO is not my target, actually I send traffic to my landing page. I'm thinking about guest posts.
      What do you think guys?
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    Yahoo answers is a very good tool to get good suggestions/advice. Yahoo TOS are very strict. They will ban you if they caught you doing promotion. In my opinion one should not use YA to get traffic. Use YA to get the real answers for the real problem. It's very effective.
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