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Hi, Everyone

I need some help from social media experts,

my question is, I checked many sites provide 500, 1000, 5000 followers for Instagram, how to provide a lot of Instagram followers in a short time one or two days, which tricks to apply and get followers used any tools or whatever
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    Hey israrahmed,

    Those sites are usually going to give you fake followers. There are some useful benefits to getting fake followers. For example: Getting past some of Ig limitations, and making your account look like an authority. But unless you know what you are doing. chances are you will not benefit from fake followers.

    You want to take the time, and create an account with quality content. Start liking, following, and commenting on people who have interest in your niche. Naturally people will follow you back, and check out your account. This is a slow, and tedious process.

    You can also go and purchase shout outs from bigger accounts. I suggest doing this when you have a pretty big following already.

    Another option is to find accounts with similar stats, and ask them if they would like to do a Shout out for shout out. This is a good way to get free shout outs from other accounts.

    Hope this gave you some ideas buddy!
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    1. Define your niche
    2. Share stuff
    3. Follow like minded people
    4. Make sure your profile looks authentic.

    having 10,000 followers but 10 likes on a post is not the best impression
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    Be Niche Specific
    Follow relevant people
    or Hire an Influencer to promote your account and products
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    Don't go too fast would be my main advice. If you post/comment too much on IG, you're going to get your account deleted, especially if it's brand new. IG has a very low tolerance for what it views as spammy behavior.
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    When you focus on posting valueble contents on your instagram, then people would be following you.
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    Those websites all sell fake followers. They make you look stupid. Don't buy them.
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    The best way to get a lot of followers is following a number of people in your niche and post awesome pictures consistently.
    Be niche specific and share useful stuff, this could help you gain followers on Instagram quickly.
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    You Can Get Twitter , Facebook , Youtube , instagram Followers From Hashtags ( # ) Personalize Your Niche
    it's the perfect method for get followers for your instagram and other social media
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    You can download an app but it will only give you fake or non-active followers.
    But if you have a good looking feed and great content in your profile. This will increase the chance to get followed by a "real" or active follower.
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    Post good pictures
    Share on social medias
    Do something great and funny
    Do promote.
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    grow your follower organically if you are using instagram or facebook or twitter or some other social media. fake followers or fake likes are worthless. simply spending money which is good for nothing.
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    Like said a lot of those sites sell fake followers which are completely useless to you and when Instagram does a purge of spam accounts your numbers will drop and you'll be out of your money so most of those sites are useless. Your best off going direct to the account holders in your niche and see if they have an email address or Kik username to contact them and ask for their rates and pay for shoutouts which will get you REAL followers but I would shop around to look for the best rates are everyone charges differently.
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    You need to post valuable content first and foremost related to your niche. You also need to post relevent hashtags and post consistently. You not need to buy bots but there are a few methods that you can use to increase your following fairly easily. It just takes a lil time and consistency
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    If you really want it fast try sourcing it at fiverr or the influxsocial.com too but you gotta keep your content interesting or else you will loose your followers fast too. Remember that getting random likes in a short time would mean poor quality, that your audience is not really into your niche. You could also look for groups relevant to your niche so that other members would try to look into your account.
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    I use Instagress for getting much more instagram followers.
    You must have to try it.
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    Choose a theme for your account
    Post interesting photos
    Interact with other instagram users
    Use popular #hashtags relevant to your post
    Share your post on twitter and facebook
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    Originally Posted by israrahmed View Post

    Hi, Everyone

    I need some help from social media experts,

    my question is, I checked many sites provide 500, 1000, 5000 followers for Instagram, how to provide a lot of Instagram followers in a short time one or two days, which tricks to apply and get followers used any tools or whatever
    There are few websites aiding exchanges of points which can be used to increase your Instagram Followers. Try out Twiends. I recommend them personally.

    5000 Twitter Followers delivered in 48 hours for only $21.99 via: 500RealFollowers.com

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    You need to follow and like other peopl'es pictures that are in your niche.

    Also buying shoutouts will help you alot.
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    In order to get more followers on Instagram, like any other social network, it needs time and attention. Here are some tips I think useful for you:

    1. Post Engaging Content
    2. Use Relevant hashtags
    3. Follow similar instagram accounts
    4. Interact with your audience
    5. Like and Comment on other photos
    6. Be consistent

    Hope this helps
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    Post quality pictures.
    Follow people in your niche.
    Interact with others (Like and comment on others post)
    Run photo contest.
    Be active
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    You can also promote your Instagram profile on other social media sites.
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    Be active daily on there or at least every other day and be sure to use only high quality images. Don't use junk images. Those turn people away. You want real followers not spam or bot ones.
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    Your primary goal in signing up for Instagram, is to gain followers. With many followers, you gain exposure and connections. Aside from this, your followers can turn into potential sales if you offer products and services. Listed below are some essential tips on how to gain more followers.

    Top Hacks on How to Get More Followers on Instagram:

    1. Interact with your followers by offering exclusive content.
    Build a relationship with your Followers to keep them coming back to your account by sharing information that only you can offer. Use Instagram to reveal special news that you haven't shared anywhere else. This will make your Followers feel special.

    2. Create a profile that is buzz-worthy and represents your brand.
    This is one of the best strategies to turn followers into clients. Use high-quality images and be consistent with your style. Personalize your brand to make it more likeable. Don't forget to be authentic!

    3. Post extraordinary photos and videos that connects you to your followers.
    Since Instagram is a visual platform, use the power of your photos and videos to entice your followers. Use other apps such as VSCO to add filters to your photos. Add videos that are relevant and interesting.

    4. Maximize the power of hashtags.
    Hashtag is one of the most powerful feature in Instagram. When used well, it can catapult your profile views and allows you to connect to a community.

    5. Run contests for your followers.
    Come up with a cool contest that your followers will be interested to join in. Make sure you have an awesome prize within your target market. Include a voting element that will draw many contest participants.

    6. Learn about Instagram Marketing by reading materials and guides from the experts.
    There are plenty of guides that will help you through the basics of Instagram marketing up unto the more complex topics. Read through them and continue to know your way to the ins and outs of Instagram for business.

    7. Connect with your followers by commenting, regramming their posts and direct messaging them.
    Make a connection with your followers and foster a real relationship with them. This will make them feel like they are part of your Instagram family. If you’re a brand, engage by regramming their posts that features your products.

    8. Use Instagram Tools
    If you manage more than one account and struggle to post at a consistent schedule, there are plenty of Instagram tools that you can use. These management tools provide ease in scheduling posts and other tasks.
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    Hello, you can use FB and email to get more followers! Also, post interesting and creative images, and a lot of your followers will be like your posts!
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  • You can follow these steps to increase your followers:

    - Engage => like others’ photos and leave comments
    - Follow your already established followers from other social media platforms.
    - Include your hashtags => if your brand uses specific hashtags on Twitter or Google+, use them on Instagram as well
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    This has been discussed in multiple threads. Closing thread.
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