Has anyone actually benefited from Linkedin?

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So I think LinkedIn is hardly new to anyone in this forum, I want to know How I can make it work for me. I have had a profile for the past two years, but so far I don't see it making a difference. Any tips?
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    LinkedIn is total crap. Everyone is on there to pitch their own sh*t. Nobody cares about anyone else's sh*t. Anyone who says otherwise is likely selling something to you about LinkedIn.
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    I actually use LinkedIn differently, Just because we connect doesn't give
    anyone permission to start sending frequent, non-permission based sales emails.
    Spend some time interacting with people, supporting their content, causes and
    company before launching into salesy stuff.
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    LinkedIn is a nice platform for making business connection and generating leads for business. LinkedIn benefited a lot to our company, we have LinkedIn company page, this improve our online presence and help gain target traffic. You can try LinkedIn marketing tools to utilize this platform effectively for business use.
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    I agree with MartinaRoberts, LinkedIn is great for businesses or companies who need to build leads or relationships with followers. Also for networking with career seekers or job seekers. I haven't really tried it yet with internet marketing but it seems quite competitive (as like every other platform).
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    LinkedIn is definitely the best service when you're providing B2B services. Based on my experience we had three of four registrations from there during few years of our company existence.

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    Linkedin is a very complicated network. It takes times for getting result. I'm using Linkedin and sometime it helps.
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    I admit I find LinkedIn difficult to understand but I know it is good because I have had clients check me out before hiring me to write for them.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    Linkedin is a professional social network is extremely useful and is becoming more popular.
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