Is it good to purchase Twitter followers!

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Hi there,

Can anyone help me regarding this issue. I want to purchase twitter followers for my profile. Have any problem for this?
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    Not bad. But you should first examine will it pay off in the end. Maybe also to advertise in Facebook ads?
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    Dont. They are all fake and useless. There is no point and it just makes you look inept when you have 10,000 followers and zero likes, etc.
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    Do yourself a favor and don't buy any followers. It will look a bit silly if nobody engages with you on there when you're followed by hundreds or thousands. Waste of time and money.

    What you can do though is head to Twitter Business and set up an ad campaign that bills you only if someone actually follows you. It works out really good as on average you will pay about $0.20-0.40 per follower. You not only get a real and engaging follower, but you allow yourself for additional online exposure in terms of your brand awareness and page views - your promoted tweet will display on the right hand side of the feed and sometimes in the feed itself and you don't pay for it at all. The wickedest thing is that if your promoted tweet has a link to your blog, product or whatever and the link is clicked on you don't pay for it either! It's a good way of getting more traffic as well.

    Hope this helps!
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      Do not buy followers from any social media. They're 100% FAKE and NON-Active.
      It's better to set up an ad campaign to attract your target consumers that are active in twitter.
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    Ask yourself what do you want these followers for and approach it that way.

    If you are looking for these followers to engage and you purchase them off a reseller website, they will not even see your tweets because they are all bots and have no real value to you.
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    What are you going to do after you buy these followers?

    1. Are you going to engage them with your content? Promote your service to them? - It will not help most If not all of them are bots.
    2. Are you trying to create a social proof for your twitter account - May be it might work.


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