Top Social Media Tools you should all use

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Hi guys,

I wanted to put this post together to share with you what tools i use daily at work that makes my life easier. Ok obviously i am a marketer But i really focus on social media & digital marketing. As most of you should know some times our job becomes tiresome and at the same time exciting with the constant changes and new trends. I always try to keep up to date with the best marketing tools out there so here are my fave tools:

1. Adsvise
My absolute favourite - Facebook ads, twitter ads, adwords, youtube, all your social media & digital ad specs in one place - Super useful and time saving. Plus its FREE

To ensure you're spending your content-marketing dollars wisely, use BuzzSumo to research the content your audience really wants.

3. Canva
Not a photoshop pro? Just use Canva

4. Co-schedule
This is the best way to co-schedule all you posts on your social media platforms.

Obviously there are more but these i absolutely love. Feel free to add to the list & let me know what you think.
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    thanks so much for this information
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      Im glad you find it useful, are there any tools you use that you want to share?
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        Originally Posted by Chrystalla View Post

        Im glad you find it useful, are there any tools you use that you want to share?
        Yes, socialpilot is another one which is absolutely free social media tool.
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    thanks bro for sharing this , thanks
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    These are really useful tools. I'll add these on the list of tools I use everyday. Thanks!
    online casino
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    Thanks for sharing.My favorite of tools I use everyday. Thanks!
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    Informative one,SecureMySocial & Social Clout tools also good,anyways Social Media Tools making our work less and easy too.
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    Nice set of tool Chystella. Canva has helped us a lot. It's must have tool for marketers.
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    I love using Buffer and their tool- Pablo. It has a kickass extension and that it the entire entire process of curating easier still. Canva is an all time favourite. You guys can also check out SocialPilot.
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    To be honest, i never used these tools before. However definitely i will research about their functionalities to understand their working. I do social media marketing manually and i believe that it is more effective than tools.
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  • This tools are really great and make our life easier.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    As a social media marketer i regular use these tools and recommend others to use. These tools are most useful to bloggers also.
    7.Sprout Social
    8.Google Analytics
    9.Google Keyword Planner
    10. SemRush
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    Amazing set of tools .... Ive used CANVA for quite a while. Its great to see how much it has evolved, as it only hd a handful of template sizes to begin with.
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    Top social media tools from my side are :

    1. Hootsuite
    2. Buffer
    3. TweetDeck

    These are some of the favorite tools so I would recommend them to use. These are very useful tools I ever used
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    use adsence also it helps alot.
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    Thank you so much for this massive tools,
    Subscribed the thread for future references.
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    Top Social-Media Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2016
    1. Canva
    With the need to include more visual content as part of your social-media posts, you can turn to Canva for high-quality images that fit your budget.
    2. Buffer
    Posting your social-media content across multiple social media accounts gets a whole lot easier with this tool.
    3. Brand24
    Brand24 delivers real-time information on what’s been said as well as what is going on with your competition.
    4. Edgar
    Edgar can solve that by helping you to locate some of that incredible content that many followers may have missed, because they were inundated with the constant flow of information.
    5. Bundlepost
    This social-media tool is another option for scheduling your posts but one that comes with features that improve upon other options.
    6. Nuzzel
    As both a web and iOS app, this social-media tool helps you organize the stories shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends, aggregating the information into easy-to-read links and providing a way to add influencers that you can leverage for your own marketing needs.

    7. Cyfe
    Cyfe delivers detailed reports related to SEO, Google Analytics, AdWords and brand mentions that even a small-business owner can afford to use.

    8. Social Clout
    As another analytics tool, Social Clout looks at where you can make significant improvements in engagement, campaigns and keywords. It also delivers reports on demographics and social-media results.

    9. SecureMySocial
    This tool provides a way to get an alert in real time if any social-media posts which others make violates a company policy or the law.
    10. AgoraPulse
    If you primarily use Facebook and Twitter for business, this tool enhances what you can do with both social-media platforms, offering customer relationship management software, applications, analytics reports, contests and more.
    11. Nuvi
    As an analytics tool, Nuvi can see what others cannot see in terms of Facebook conversations, including private and public posts.
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    Thanks for sharing links i as a social media marketer in SMM in Raipur i m looking forward to implement them.
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    Thanks for sharing this information. I was looking for the SMO tools.
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    Thanks for the share. I will definitely use all these tools for my work.

    Internet marketing and web designing excellence
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    Great list i would also add Google alerts and buzz bundle. There is a free and paid version I think free version gives you 30% of the paid results but it's still well worth it.
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    Thank you so much for sharing. Very helpful
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    Thanks for all the information, I never used, I will search and look for them


    Visit to see how can you get ads for life.
    Learn Ancient Techniques to Reduce Stress.

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    Thanks for sharing. I really found a lot of useful information here in warrior forum. I haven't heard of these yet and I'm not familiar with the walk through but I will try this one in a little while. I find this very useful. Keep it sharing guys.
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    People who spend time sharing posts like this are really appreciative. I never read nor heard any of this before and I personally have no idea how it works. Can I find all of these in Google?
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  • information is very interesting and very helpful
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    I would like to add Postradamus to the list. I've been using it for over a year now to schedule posts to my FB pages and would be lost without it. It IS supported and updated. There are many great features, but the feature for me, that's most valuable, is the ability to easily give attribution to any number of post at once, something I firmly believe in.
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  • Add to the list. The #1 free software for creating twitter leads.
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    thank you for sharing. They are great!
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    Thanks for sharing so nice piece of information. One more effective tool would be site
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    Awesome! Really appreciate it
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    There are some other tools that plays vital role in social medial platforms. The Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, Rignite, Bundlepost and many more. Its our choice to prefers which social media tool is best suite for your business. Thanks,
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  • That's a nice list. I have a personal list that I use for managing my social media accounts. Here’s my list:

    1. Hootsuite - I used this for managing the post on my social media profiles.

    2. Feedly - All rss feed from articles/sites that are relevant to my niche go here. If there are interesting new articles, I can post them to my social media accounts.

    3. Followerwonk - I used this for managing my twitter accounts. I can easily analyze my twitter profile and look for people that are in the same niche as my business.
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    I like Pixlr to fancy up my photos online.
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    As a social media agency with over 100 clients I use for the 4 big social networks:

    1- (to schedule IG posts with multiple accounts)
    2- (to build Instagram accounts -Real, targeted, engaged)
    3- Buffer (to schedule Facebook and Google Plus posts)
    4- (to build and post for Twitter)
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    For those of you present on Instagram, Locowise is a great Instagram Analytics Tool.
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    I Love Canva! I use it almost every day.
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    Great information. It's worth.
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    thank you for sharing
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    Thanks fro Canava, I'm really struggling with PS.
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    Thanks for sharing. This is really good to people like me who wants to make more money.
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    Thats a great post for me.
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    1. Google Analytics
    3. Buffer
    4. Do Share
    5. Feedly
    6. MailChimp
    7. LastPass
    8. edocr
    9. ManageFlitter
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    I'd like to add infogram to the list of tools. Despite not being as necessary as other tools such as Hootsuite. It allows you to create attractive infographics and charts which can be shared via Social Media.
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