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Hello folks,

I'm pretty much a newbie here, so I hope I'm allowed a little leeway to ask "dumb" questions. I think my question belongs more in this forum than the General Questions. Here's a little background before I ask it:

I'm a knife seller ( http://www.damascussteelknivesplus.com/); at least that's what I aspire to be. But I'm not having much luck getting orders since launching my website. I have cart saver software installed on my site to try and capture the occasional abandoned cart. No luck so far.

I have a Facebook and an Instagram page where I post product images/descriptions everyday. I'm up to about 55 posts so far. I've garnered about 72 page likes on FB and 45 followers on IG.

I'm considering doing a contest giveaway on Facebook or Instagram, or both. My ultimate goal is to get more people to my website. My secondary goal is to broaden my Facebook/Instagram audience. Because of the product I sell, I can't use paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram. I also can't use Google Ads because of the types of knives I sell; a situation I've discussed in a previous WF post. I can use Bing Ads and have done a campaign previously for Search to get people to my website. My impressions ranged from 200 to 1000 daily, but no conversions after a 3 week run.

Here's my question: Is it wise to use Bing Ads to drive folks to my website by advertising my product and a social media giveaway in the same ad? My idea is to use a special landing page for the Bing Ad destination URL where I advertise my products and the social media giveaway. Entry to the Giveaway requires going to the FB or IG page, via a link on the landing page, and supplying Name and Email address and "Sharing" the info.

I'm not sure what to do. I want to maximize the value of my ad dollars by combining the website and giveaway ad into one campaign. But I don't want visitors to my site to leave prematurely to enter the giveaway on social media. I'd appreciate some feedback from you folks with much more experience than me.

It was suggested to me in reply to an earlier question for the forum that my business venture would most likely fail. The reason being, I needed to provide extra value to my prospective customers other than just a knife. I don't really understand how a physical product retailer can provide extra value when my product is as basic as a knife?

Anyway, maybe that's a question for another post. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help.

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