How got get more facebook page likes?

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It is very important for me to know How to get more Facebook page likes? Have you any idea?
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    Have you tried doing link exchange with other pages? Like share for share?
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    • Originally Posted by liuluta View Post

      I use for getting more like facebook

      Is it correct procedure for gathering like?: mad:: mad:
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      Originally Posted by liuluta View Post

      I use for get more like facebook
      This type of likes will automatically removed by Facebook after sometime considering spam likes.
      Orderhive is a multichannel
      Inventory Management Software
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    Try finding people of interest and sharing your content with them. Whoever likes similar things/videos, will like your video as well. You can do this by joining groups etc. Also, you can point visitors from Twitter and other social networks to your Facebook page.
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    Ask other page to share your link in their page.
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      Hi yes the suggestions given have been most useful, However no-one wishes google to give its 'much vaunted slap' to their websites. Has anyone been able to use twitter to good effect to improve facebook likes? If so are they willing to share their thoughts?
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    Go to the search bar, enter 'get more facebook likes' and read the thousands of posts about it.

    Get FREE Access To Over 180 Webmaster Training Videos here. Did I mention they are totally free?

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    Share share share share!
    share it in youtube, instagram, twitter, forums, blogs.
    Earning likes from bots is useless. 100% of them are inactive and fake.
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    Did you try promoting with facebook ads? do a ''page likes'' ad
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    Find similar groups.
    Most groups allow you to make post.
    Make post, even if it's not published on the main, it will get published on the sidebar.
    +use hashtags

    Do the crosslinking with other social networks like twitter.
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    Join popular groups in the same niche, interact with the group members and promote your page by sharing useful stuffs.
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      Share your page everywhere, Post high quality unique content! Interact with people! Do partnership with other pages!
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    1) Make your Facebook page look good! Have a good cover and profile photo.
    2) Post relevant, useful, and engaging content. If you can find a viral piece of content, share it. Better yet, create it!
    3) Be aware of memes and leverage on these memes.
    4) You can join a "like-for-like" group or exchange likes with your network.
    5) Think of a good name for your Facebook page. My page, Good Inspirational Morning, has more than 700 likes. I can't believe it got that many likes because I seldom updated it. I think it's because of the name. (Now, I update it regularly.)
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    Your page must contain quality content to get more Facebook fans quickly, you can promote your fan page to different relevant groups. You can also utilize tools like Facebook scraper to get useful information from Facebook.
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    You can use facebook bots.
    For Example Appliker, etc.
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    Alot of people use link exchange services like addmefast to get likes quickly.
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      Originally Posted by ibrahimhamza View Post

      Is it work addmefast or like this website like to get real visitor?
      I think getting automated likes using any software like addmefast is not good option to get likes . You should search niche related groups on Facebook and share your link there and get good amount of likes.
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    You could promote a post you have oon your facebook fanpage so that you get more likes. or you buy likes from a seller a fivverr. put up a fanpage app on your blog so that people can click and like it while reading your blog.share a lot of valuable posts through your fanpage.

    Turn $1 into unlimited $197 Click this.

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    If you everything legit , Post Real , Engaging Contents Following Psychology , Play Your Audience Mind.

    FB ADS , IG ADS , Likes Exchanges , Likers Groups.

    SO many Stuff To dooo
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      Get 5 compelling images and write the most compelling description of your page you've ever written.

      Create 5 likes campaigns for those different images.

      Get as super targeted as you can. Find related websites etc and see if you can target those as interests.

      Throw $3.00 at each. Does location matter? If not add in some cheaper countries like south africa etc.

      Let that run for a day. See which ones give you the lowest cpl.

      Delete the non performers, and repeat the process.

      You should be able to get likes for pennies this way once you have a couple good campaigns.

      You'll want to do all this in the power editor too.
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    There is a way to post cheap FB ads and get ppl to like your page. It can grow huge over time
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    Optimize your Facebook Page Info

    Post engaging content

    Be active
    People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly.
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    I think Share for Link Exchange is one of the best methods.
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    You can get alot of Facebook likes by leaving links to good content in groups in your niche and leaving comments to any good article you find in your niche
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    Timing is everything. You could try post your page on your personal account between, 5:00pm -7:00pm, Monday-Thursday. Try targeting your page to people who are more likely to be interested in it. Also regularly post during the time i posted above. That way you can increase your visibility publicly. Hope that helps!
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    how if the product is a boring stuff. how to make my feed interesting?
    I been told that FB suppose to share some interesting/ good idea to public, commerical is not a friendly

    i sell battery, I ve tried to make some useful information like : how to maintent battery, make your battery long lasting , check the condition etc. unfortunately, hvnt seem page like growth. some post may make likes drop.

    boost page is work, but dont want to spend money to do that too often.
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    You can use automation tools and facebook ads to promote your facebook page and get targeted likes, also share your page content on different social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter,Instagram.
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    Pay for likes via Facebook ads. I do this myself, works great.

    Other ways - make a blog about your chosen topic, instagram account, pinterest etc. Much easier to get likes from those than from Facebook, but you can ask people to like your page via those other medias and your site. Oh, and don't underestimate the value of traffic from those other sources..
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    Originally Posted by ibrahimhamza View Post

    It is very important for me to know How got get more Facebook page likes? Have you any idea?
    go to facebook search
    type facebook likes, go to groups
    post your fanpage
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    I agree with the facebook like exchange scheme. It is one way to boost your page fast but always remember to keep your post interesting. There are also autoliker tools on facebook, what it does is there are random people who likes your post in return they also use your account to like other pages. I am not sure though if it is safe.
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    Facebook likes are subjective, unless they are bought. I have read earlier about Facebook likes that are being bought which, I personally believe, is inadvisable. Why get something not legit? In order to increase Facebook likes, be active. Post photos and useful contents regularly like every hour or so. Join other groups and interact with users in a nice approach.
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    Create great content that interest your likers/followers or possible prospects. Content must never be outdated. Provide images and videos when you post content because it can attract users.
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    Honestly, i added random people on my personal FB. Then after that i invite them to like my page

    Is that a good practice? I also can unfriend them after they liked my FB page
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    Is there any software?
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    It is very simple go to the search bar and check more face book likes and then see the results..........
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  • you can try social media sites exchanger can increase the number of likes for your fanpage
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    There are two ways to approach this.

    1.You can use Facebook ads to increase your likes where you will only pay per page like. Thats the fastest way to increase your likes.

    2. Another approach is to post viral content to your Facebook page.Contents that are engaging so people can share your page to their friends reaching more people.
    Videos and pictures are more engaging and are likely to be shared among friends fastest which in turn increases your fan base
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    You have 2 quick ways to boost the likes:

    1 - Facebook ads. It's not free but instantly gets you the likes you want;

    2 - Use a plugin or script that locks part of your content or a bonus. That content will be offered to people that like your page, so when they hit the like button they get the content for free.
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    You can use social exchange sites. Like AddMeFast.
    AddMeFast is a network that will help you grow your social presence.
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    To get more followers, go to a site like, find some related viral content for your niche and post it on your page. The viral content should get people to like, share and comment which will then help to take your fan page viral!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    just focus on paid ads on getting to a sale

    just having a bunch of Likes mean nothing
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    You Can Use This Three Techniques:

    1-Search For Facebook Groups That are Relevant To Your Page Then Post Your Link there with a good description.

    2-Search For Big Facebook Pages That Have the same niche as yours then spam there comments with different fb accounts.

    3-Build A Girly Fb Profile It's Easy I Did Once And I Got 5000 friends and more Than 1000 followers In Less Than 48 Hours Then Invite All You're Friends. I Suggest For This To Create 10 fb Profiles.

    I Hope That Helped You, Have a Nice Day.
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      Here is my one and only golden tip if it must be free :
      Check relevant fanpages , steal their most engaged content (pictures videos memes whatever)
      Post it to your page , after a few days you will see under that post : "xxx,yyy and 32 others liked your post"
      Click on the "32 others liked your post"
      now you can send them an invite to like your fanpage ...
      This works amazingly great for me .

      2. advertise in asian countries , it's dirt cheap. This will start your page looking good (number of likes)

      3. make a small video and ask people to Like your page or run a contest in that video wich says , reply under this video and like our page . in the advertisement you optimize for video views << i run campaigns that cost me 0,003 $ per view this way ... just my experience ...

      Hope it works for you too
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    Join niche related pages and groups and promote there. Also you can hire influencers to promote yourself and get more and more likes.
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    To get more likes on facebook. You have to engage with your readers and followers. When you will engage with your facebook friends, surely they will like your page.

    Niriya offers best Digital Marketing Services

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    Getting Facebook likes are not at all manual, they solely depend on your page content and how well you interact with your audience. Share your stuff on various groups and interact with other pages and people.

    Above All Advertising,Inc. - custom inflatable advertising and signage provider

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    Except link exchange and sharing your post with popular thematic groups (which is very efficient) you should pay attention to your content. After looking at your post people must want to share it, so it must be unique, interesting, eye-catching (include some infographics) and timed right (pay attention to location of your target audience to make posts in time they can potentially be online).
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    The only way to get more and more facebook likes promote and advertise your page more.
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    Originally Posted by ibrahimhamza View Post

    It is very important for me to know How got get more Facebook page likes? Have you any idea?
    Hello, try to be more activety member! Share with a lot of posts, news, photos, and videos!
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    Building your fan base shouldn`t be a sprint. Make sure you provide original value backed content on a regular basis. Plus as mentioned share your value links in niche related groups.
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    Facebook is a social networking website . In this , we have various pages like pages for business , organizations and brands to share stories and connect with people easily. First, create a business page and manage your personal account by various ways :
    • In Facebook profile , you can customize brand page by adding business logo, company description , company address , website URL, etc.
    • Post engaging , entertaining and interesting content to your business page
    • Promote your Facebook page on your website and other social media accounts
    • Upload images , videos to your Facebook page
    • Join groups related to your business and share informative stuff there so that group member can easily know about your business.
    • Use Facebook's page plugins to your website or blog
    • Attract fans with your professional designs
    • Mention your Facebook page everywhere .
    • Update your timeline cover daily.
    • Fill your Facebook page with searchable information.
    • Invite others to like your page .
    You can also start a paid campaign to improve your social media visibility and increase likes on your Facebook page .
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    - Post regularly with some quality, it will be shared by your currents like and you may get some extra like FREE
    - Try paid promotion of your page
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    Just fill your profile with full description; invite more friends; connect Facebook to Twitter account; you can use Facebook paid advertising problems, if you have money for paying; add social plugins to your website it will make it easier to find your page; regularly update your page; be social with your readers and always reply to their questions; be relevant with your niche and share just relevant materials.
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