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Is It good to list your local business (services) on Instagram?
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    Hey jiya,

    I would definitely use instagram for my business. It is a bit different than other social media sites, but it is definitely a big player in the social media arena.

    Instagram is a very visual social media, so make sure you take interesting photo/videos about your products. Get creative, and look at how other big successful companies are using instagram for their business.

    Also be aware that most of the traffic coming from instagram will be mobile traffic. Mobile traffic is handle very differently than desktop traffic, and this is where a lot of marketers fail with instagram traffic.

    I hope this helps you out in some ways buddy, and have a good one.
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    Absolutely.. I've seen many identities there from Local Business. Hope when you'll take a review on Google must you'll get them.

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    Yes, its a great idea to have Instagram presence of your business. You can attract local as well as international market with this wonderful platform.
    Instagram is a place for images and videos, thus make sure your post must contain beautiful pictures of your products or business related. Use of proper hashtags is very important, if you are a eCommerce business then running a photo contest could be really helpful in generating leads and effective marketing.
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    Instagram is good, as any other social network, for promoting business, as long as you post relevant and interesting information and treat your followers with respect. Social activity can be especially beneficial for local businesses, who can geo-targeting top reach local audience. Good luck!
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    based on my experience, instagram is really good if you want to show that you are an expert in some specific niche.. nothing else has worked for me..

    .. but that's only my personal experience
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      Ofcourse i would instagram for business. Lots of traffic comes from there. People like high quality and original posts. Also making competitions will bring more followers to your business.
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    Yes, you can use Instagram for business. You will get a lot of traffic through Instagram, grow your fan base naturally and start promoting your business.
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    Million of guys using IG, for their local business and making really good sales.
    You can find some good courses on youtube about it .
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    Yes, Instagram plays an important role to get website ranking and quality traffic.So, you can upload pictures related to your website and other quality content to get business promotion.
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    Yes, Instagram marketing is a great way to reach your local audience. You can easily connect with your target audience and gain popularity by the effective posts. Make your posts engaging and use beautiful pictures.
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    Yes, definitely. It is a networking site wherein you can post images of your business. With millions of people using Instagram, you'll sure gonna reach your target market. Of course, make sure you post awesome photos of your business to better promote it.
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    Yes I totally agree that you add/post your business on instagram. Instagram has a vast and variety of audience that you need. It will help boosting your business' popularity.
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    Originally Posted by jiyathakker View Post

    Is It good to list your local business (services) on Instagram?
    I think most Marketers are missing out on available potential Market on Instagram, the few who aren't are raking in the untapped revenue available via the Instagram platform.

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    YES! A lot of people these days use instagram and promoting your business on this platform gives you an opportunity to attract buyers or clients for your business.
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    Instagram is great for local business but your business has to be the type that can be visually interesting.

    For example, things like Cooking, restaurants, rc toys, clothes, etc.
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    It deepends on your niche and type of business, the more nice pics you have the best effect you will get.
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    Instagram is good for business these days. It's really picking up. I used Instagram for one of my businesses locally and i got pretty good response.
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    Instagram works great for some businesses. For example we recently hired a faux painter to repaint our kitchen area and he told me his main method of getting new clients was via Instagram as he displays his best projects on Instagram along with video testimonials from satisfied customers. Customers also go to his Instagram feed to select designs or get ideas as to color choices. And he likes being able to show off his work to prospective customers just by pulling out his iPhone and showing them his Instagram feed.
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    Yes, it is definitely helpful to post your services/products on as many such platforms as possible.
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