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by Linens
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Hello friends,

I was thinking of making membership website and sell social media images / graphics / quote images / Videos as these days there is a trend of social media marketing. Member can buy credit points and can use these credit points to buy social media content from my site. I will keep making and adding social media content so that buyers keep registering and buying.

Do you guys feel this business idea will work? i know there are many such sites available for stock images etc but i do not feel any is there with ready quote images.

Any other idea if you guys have.

Please suggest.

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      Um... this may work with people who do not know how to use Photoshop
      or don't know how to edit videos I guess. Quite a new concept here.

      It could work for you though if you can target what exactly your subscribers need.

      Sounds like an alright plan and I wish you all the best.

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    It is hard to tell as almost everyone just goes to google and "steals" images and graphics and more. But if you are willing to start this membership site, I recommend building a list first to make sure their is an audience that is willing to pay for those services.
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    In today's economy new thoughts are appreciated, I am pretty sure that your idea will work, all the best
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    This sounds pretty goo. I think you are on to something.
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    This sounds a good idea. Despite the countless applications and software that is being used by almost everyone, there are still people who are not updated nor familiar with these tools. I can't say you'll get rich with this idea but I am pretty sure it will work. Also, make sure to promote your business via social media.
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    Most people just swipe the kind of graphics you are talking about rather than buy them. Doesn't sound like a money making proposition to me.
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