Social Bookmarking in 2016? What's your opinion...

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Hey Guys,

I was just wondering what your opinion is on Social Bookmarking in 2016?

Do you guys do it? If so, what are the benefits, your fave sites etc?

Thanks a lot for any and ALL help!



I was considering outsourcing this on somewhere like upwork or something if anyone has any pointers for that too!
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    Well ,Social Bookmarking a good option but only few and that too will be qualitative a good traffic bookmarking websites not much
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    Yes, Social Bookmarking is still a good option to drive targeted traffic.
    are my favorite.
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    Social Bookmarking is one of the best way to get desired traffic to your site.
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      As long as you add good content that people find interesting on the platform your posting to, you get traffic. Crap content will not help you. Reddit can get me a lot of traffic if done correctly. I find they are tough and will let you no it, when they feel your content is bad.

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        Reddit seems really difficult to get posts up and then to get them seen and traffic.

        I used to use Social Bookmarking alot but have calmed down on it
        because more traffic comes from different avenues.

        I do like Google Bookmarks, Delicious, and Digg
        though... they are good to give weight to your pages.

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    Do few because it tells to search engine bots that your site is constantly kept updated
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