how to get traffic on facebook page

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i have just created a facebook page. very little people or noone view it.
how can i get more traffic to my page ?
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    A few ways are to invite all your friends to the page. and then ask them to do the same thing. Another way is the run Facebook ads to get more people to the page.
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    You may invite many of the peoples to visit your page Or you can advertise online about your page to get more views ..
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    If your Facebook page is meant for business or online shopping, you have to invite people with same niche to like your page. Create post and share quality content that interests users who follow your page.
    For example:

    They have number of likes and follows because they create an updated content that interests their likers/followers.
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    Originally Posted by mathompson View Post

    i have just created a facebook page. very little people or noone view it.
    how can i get more traffic to my page ?
    What is your page's field? If you want to get more traffic for your page I would highly recommend that use Facebook Ads.
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    You can promote your facebook fan page In exchange for 5$. And marketing your fan page in post a comment. And Invite your facebook friends.
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    On facebook, search for people
    in your targetted niche, this may be
    individuals or groups which are
    in the same niche as yourself.

    Then start communicating with the
    audience and add them as friends...

    Works brilliantly for me...
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    Definitely share the page with your friends and have them share it. Just do some Facebook advertising to start gaining some kind of following. Put links to it in your email, website, or anywhere else you can.
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    Running Facebook ads can help you get more visitors quickly. Share engaging content and interact with others.
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    Make your post relevant and engaging, join relevant groups and promote your stuff. Facebook ads also will help you get more visitors.
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    It's kind of tough to get people on your new facebook page. But it's not impossible.

    Plan content according to the theme or the topic of your facebook page.

    The best way to attract people towards your social media channels is to create High-Quality Content.

    The content should have high-quality images. Optimum times to post on social channels is max 6.

    Don't throw just posts every minute. Focus on Quality rather than quantity.
    Write attractive titles, it will help in conversions.

    I have an in-depth post on social media marketing plan. You can read it over here.

    I hope it helps.
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    Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful forms of promotion on Facebook. If you spent $10 per day to promote a Facebook ad, and you optimized your ad to perform well, then your Facebook Page could potentially get thousands of likes every month for just $300 per month.
    But of course you should also use free ways of promotion: promote your page on other social networks, your blog if you have such, send the information about it to your email list etc.
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    Invite your friends, join groups and pages and keep posting
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      I still dont know why people cry about traffic on facebook. Just feww days ago i put out a video ad on facebook. Facebook charged me 0.0001 per click. I tried it again with another campaign this time with bit swist and got same result. I got 8,442 optin subs with just $10 in just 3days.

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