How To Get YouTube Subscribers

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I started my youtube channel, but im having difficulties to get subscribers and views, is there anyone that can give me advice to grow my channel?
Thank You
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    Try running some Paid traffic like Facebook ads to your videos and channel to build up a user base.

    Also nothing beats great videos. If you start producing lots of quality videos that people want to watch, you will start to get subscribers.

    Start subscribing to OTHER peoples channels and posting in the comments section or there videos.

    Maybe start a giveaway for your exisiting subscribers for the person who can get the most shares on a Facebook post linked to your channel gets a prize.

    You got to think outside the box when trying to snag a piece of the Youtube market.

    I mean you can obviously buy views and subscribers to make your channel bigger and it does work increasing natural traffic, but if you plan on monetizing using Youtubes partnership program, it can put the channel at risk.
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    You can create channel trailer. Your channel trailer is something you must carefully work upon and constantly improve upon to get the visitors coming in.
    Use social media then by your content you will get more subscribers.
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    Create facebook page, optimize it well for your YouTube channel, add good description and build nice profile. Share your YouTube videos regularly on your page, post others interesting videos too, do polls, ask queries, run contest. It will help you to boost engagement. Use other social meida too such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.
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      hi thanks but I need real subscribers I did ones from Fiverr all BS

      but thank you any way
      Your Health

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    If you wants subscriber or any social service then you need SEO. It's so important for your business.
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  • I get a lot of other channels in the same niche as mine asking me to check out their channel and subscribed. Nothing wrong with that, I like supporting others so long as they support me back and actually watch my videos, but most just want to "sub4sub".

    I want to reach people who don't have a channel or anything to gain by subscribing to me. People who actually just want to watch my videos and enjoy my channel. I'm not sure how to find those people without spamming, which is something I won't do.

    I'm thinking of trying Facebook ads but I've never got much results from them on other projects that I've done, I know I should try but...

    I've been optimistic and really in the mindset of not giving up because I now it's a hard long road, but it just gets so discouraging and lately I wonder if I'm just not cut out for it.

    I see some channels in my niche that have been around less than a year and already have thousands of subscribers and views. I wish I could ask them exactly what they did to grow so fast but I know they wouldn't tell. I've been trying to improve my SEO and think out of the box but still it seems like no one is finding me, and I'm out of ideas on what else to do.
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    Join a forum that is related to your youtube content
    get a long with the youtube community as well.
    Also try a paid traffic.
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    You tube is the leading platform for video marketing and promotion.There are some useful tips to get more you tube subscribers like first you need to produce high quality content, then increase your uploading frequency.It is important to give your creations off beat names.After that most of channel customization.
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    First do keyword research. Find out what people are actually searching for After this is done you will have to rank your videos high in the SERP's.
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      Start with simple steps to earn free traffic
      such as forum posting and bloggings.
      Paid traffic can also help
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    Join a forum related to your youtube channel or video advertising would also be helpful. Try any of these methods to bring new subscribers to your channel.
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    Just upload a good videos and subscribes will come with out any thing
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    Make a facebook page for your YouTube channel, share interesting videos daily, use facebook ads and facebook contest to get targeted traffic to get subscribers.
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    I know it is silly but you can buy subscribers. They are actual accounts that do help with views. It is a good way to boost a small channel that is just starting out. It also encourages others to sub when they see numbers.
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    Actually there are two ways you can get more subscribers.

    First is to get subscribes throw "Exchanges" sites (But these site are useless and most of subscribers are just fake) and I will not recommend you this way.
    While second way is to get Subscribes throw Quality video, How this works ? It's very easy You have to just publish video that you think will solve problem or Give unique info to viewers, now take time to watch other video (that are similar to your niche) and learn how they are creating great videos and read comments to learn what people are saying about it sure you will get many ideas.
    once you done with video publishing now just spread your video link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, forums, blogs etc, Once people watched your video (Definitely I am talking about useful video) there will sure subscribe your channel because they will not want to miss any video from you. In this way you can sure increase subscribers in few days
    (Sorry for my weak English )
    Abdul Sami Mahesar
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