Anyone Know How To Setup A Facebook Competition?

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I have recently setup a brand new Facebook page, with the long term goal of driving traffic to my eBay store and making many more sales.

Despite trying everything, I am failing to get many likes! This is in spite of following PostPlanner's recommendations!

I've decided that a great way to get some page likes would be to hold a competition. I want to giveaway a free product.

Can anyone advise me on a good course of action to host a competition from my Facebook page - I only have 8 page likes and want the competition to generate a large number of likes if possible.

I was thinking that I'd give away a rare t-shirt to someone who had liked my page after the page have generated say 100 likes. What do you think to this idea?

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.

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    Anyone else care to comment. I could do with a bit more info really
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      Buy at least 100 likes to start with ... your competition has to be seen by relevant people.
      Ask in the competition to share your page or to invite their friends to like your page so they can also win ...
      Ask relevant pages to share your page in return you share theirs ...
      Spam your page in relevant groups ...
      get as many links to your fanpage from your website , ebay, youtube ...
      add auto posts , 3 per day max . every 8 hours to get some flow on it .
      Likes will come
      Hope this was helpfull
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        First of all, you need to decide for yourself: are you ready to invest your own time and money into facebook page? Are you ready to get banned by facebook administration (unfortunately, sometimes it happened)?

        May be the best solution is to start you own website with a domain name? Your domain name is your investment.

        Add e-commerce widgets to your existing website - find instructions and how-to videos!

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    Dear, the best way to generate facebook like is run mobile new feed campaign. And it is going to give very cheap likes. And as the talk about competitor analysis is you can add them in interest category to get likes from competitor pages.

    Abhishek Nigam
    Owner | Search Engine Times |

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    I would use Rafflecopter to run your giveaway. It has plenty you can do with it on the free options. You can have them take actions for entries into the giveaway. So you can have Like my fb page for X amount of entries, share this giveaway for X amount of entries. Try to find some influencers on social media related to your category and see if you can work out something with them to share your giveaway. Put a little money into promoting the giveaway through ppc but don't go overboard. Keep in mind that for people to enter a giveaway it has to be something of value or something they actually want. Maybe through some gift cards into the entries etc.
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