I Dare YOU - The FB pay per page like challenge

by enderZ
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Are you a FB Wizard???

I have started a FB pppl (pay per page like challenge) to compete for the top 10 marketers that can achieve PPPL<0.01$ .
Currently I'm in the first place and that the good news and the bad news (I'm the only challenger so far ).

Anyway, I will post here the methods (the parts that the challengers agreed to reveal) of those who got to the top 10 places and I will start with myself:
Amount spent: 4.45$
Results: 345 likes
PPPL: 0.0128

My method: I took really simple steps to achieve this PPPL and I promise to go into more advance stuff once I'll be challenged and lose my #1 spot (although I am not a FB expert and I'm sure some FB killers are going to eat my PPPL alive!). Here is what I did:
1. Chose the cheapest English speaking countries
2. Split tested with 6 different super targeted and appealing images
3. Used strong emotional CTA, phrased as a question (like "do you Love food?")
4. Placed my ad everywhere except desktop news feed (which from my experience had higher PPPL)
5. Only when I got a winning image I started testing the text.

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    Who is going to join the challenge?

    If you have a WHY you can go through almost any HOW

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