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by gau061
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Is google Still considers Social Signals like Facebook Likes, Number of Tweets etc. for Ranking factors in SEO ?
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    Well, nobody knows exactly how Google's algorithms work.

    As far as I know its at least general "knowledge" that google+ likes are counted, as they have easy access to this data.

    However, I would assume they also use Facebook/Twitter Metrics as long as there is a connection between the accounts and the website.

    For example, if the Website links to Twitter and the Twitter Account has the website in the profile.

    That way they know that the 2 belong together.
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  • There are many factors google consider for rankings but at the end what w need is traffic right? so, don't use social media sites just for rankings.
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    For the past several years, the entire Google team has been pretty tight-lipped about the value and importance of social signals for SEO. We just can’t seem to get a straight answer from them!
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    I don't think that google will start relying on third party services to make decision for it's own engine.
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