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Hi, so I've been searching in this forum for a little while and have seen various discussions about using youtube videos, but how about generating traffic TO a youtube video/channel? I'm creating a youtube channel oriented around health and lifestyle, and have just released my first video.
However, I'm not sure which road to take to drive traffic to my video. I have a facebook page which I have been joining and groups over the past hour and posting my video on the group walls, but as far as traffic goes, that seems to be my only way I have thought of. Reddit, possibly as well? Any advice would be great! =)
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    While I've never used any methods to drive traffic to my videos from outside YouTube itself, there have been a few key things I did to generate a decent amount of on-site traffic:

    - I always used catchy titles to compel people to click through if they saw my video in the related videos section on the right.

    - I made sure to use keywords which were relevant to what my video was about.

    - Videos were kept short (typically 2 to 3 mins) as this increases the likelihood of the viewer watching them all the way through; this shows YouTube that viewers are more "engaged" and this will cause your videos to be recommended more. (Mind you, you don't need your videos to be short but you should keep your viewers' interest all the way through, it's just easier to do that with a short video.)

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    Share it on every social media site you are on. Also ask friends to share the video.
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    Use different social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
    Sharing videos with good content can help you drive more traffic to your channel. Videos itself are engaging and you can increase more engagement with asking questions and quick response.
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    The two main categories that help boost viewership or drive traffic to your YouTube videos and subsequently your channel is on-site video optimization and off-site.

    Some Factors for on-site is:

    -Keyword Relevancy
    -Enticing Title and Image
    -Length of Video(Should be shorter)
    -Appropriate branding(your username should be that of company and not a personal name)

    Some factors for off-site is:

    -Utilizing multiple sources like social media, PPC etc to drive traffic
    -Social Sharing
    -Your video content should also be engaging to your target audience
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    You can try Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc
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    You can advertise your site on related videos using google, you will get lots of traffic and automatically in a day or two having spent nearly $5 your video will be ranking in related videos.

    Second you can create other channels having several info powerpoint video of related niche and action url in the description and in the video caption be the main channel url. This way your channel will get traffic, will look authoritative as will have several backlinks to your channel.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank You

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