How do youtubers get paid

by fenin
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can anyone say how youtubers get paid
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    They get paid by check.
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    Seriously though, they get paid through ad revenue based on views. Also some have marketing partnerships set up with other brands. The big YouTube stars are the ones that get some marketing partnerships.
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      So many ways.

      There's the ad revenue that comes from Google/YouTube based on ad views.

      They could funnel subscribers/viewers to their own website and sell their own products.

      They could sell affiliate products from their video descriptions.

      They could partner up with businesses who sponsor them to promote certain products in their videos.

      Etc, etc, etc.
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    When your videos are popular and are being visited by many people then YouTube posts its ad before the starting of your videos. By seeing that advertisement people help YouTube make money. And Youtube pays back some of the amount to the owner of the videos (that is YOU).
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