Inviting people who liked your post to like your fanpage on Facebook?

by jvyzsy
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So I have just realised that this is possible. You click on the likes/reactions under a post as an admin and then you can invite all the people to like your page who liked/reacted to a post. Not your friends or anything, they just strangers who gave a like. Is this a good method on Facebook? Isn't it too needy and give a bad image that you are fishing for likes or actually people convert well? If you do this and works, can you spam it, like doing hundreds of invites?

What do you think guys, have you tried this?
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    It works.......but if you want useful results it will take years,
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      Honestly I haven't tried this strategy, but it doesn't sound very effective to me. First of all, Facebook has a great system when it comes to creating relationships between pages. If someone likes your page but doesn't continue to interact with it (likes your posts or comments), the connection will no longer be there.
      On the other hand, it might be a bit weird for the people you are targeting and you might not get the wanted results.
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    In my opinion that will take too much time, its better to let facebook play its course and the people who are truly interested will like the page.
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    I haven't tried this strategy but IMO, it's a bit time-consuming. What I do is, I join groups that are similar to my LOB and ask people from the groups to like my page.
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    jvyzsy it is good idea to invite them one by one but don't spam your prospects, it might scare them away.
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