Urgent Help: Facebook Ads Underperforming

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Dear Friends,

I am having some major issues while managing some ads for 2 specific facebook pages.

I work for a hotel company and most of the ads that we use have the same target audience,

In most my pages, ads work normally with reach being the same or a bit lower than Facebook estimates.

On 2 of my pages however even when I use a very generic target audience reach is extremely low.

For example: I ve set up a Facebook Promote Page ad that costed me 20GBP for 6 days. The estimate reach was worse case scenario 1,000 people/day but so far it has only reached 1,000 people/week giving me 20 page likes that actually costed me 1,14GBP/Like. Does anyone find this normal? Because literally I believe this is absurd.

The same also happens on the same page with any posts I am trying to boost. The estimates show 1,000- 2,500 and I only get 250. Facebook charges me full budget for these transactions.

I ve actually tried to report a problem to Facebook a couple of times through Reporting and by using the Ads forum but it did not work,

These guys just write back to you with some lame excuse claiming your targeting or ad design is wrong and that's why people don't repond to your ads- even though this is certainly not a problem of response but rather of ad reach.

I literally have no idea how to fix this and my boss is growing inpatient,

Does anyone has any solution for this? Have you heard of anyone having experienced this issue before.

Would really appreciate any help given,
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