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You have probably heard this a lot "how do i make money of tumblr" and so on, but im going to ask again.

I am a complete new who has tumblr account with probably 20k followers, in the bodybuilding niche. It has taking me a long time to build up that account, but it just can't make any money of it. Maybe i should have thought about monetizing it before i began building it- newbie mistake.

I have tried building a landing page with a PLR ebook and 5 days follow up. It hasn't been making any sales yet, and it looks pretty bad.

I have tried adsense and so on, but it just docent work for me.

Is bodybuilding a dead market, or am i just completely lost? Let me know what you guys think is the best thing to do.
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    Consider driving them to a squeeze page for an email opt in.. Like I always say, if all else fails just focus on building an email list. Give them something free in exchange for their email address. Though it may not be instant money, the long-term benefits can bring you leads for a lifetime.
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      Alright Brian. That is also what i am doing know. I will just continue then
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  • I may depend on the content you are posting that is causing them to follow you. Is it work out routines, diets to weight gain/cut, strength training, sculpting, or? There are tons of courses on Udemy for body building, maybe test selling a supplement, or if you are an expert yourself get a Beach Body account and coach them, or a monthly small fee for you to send tips every few days.
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    Originally Posted by jakob09 View Post

    Is bodybuilding a dead market, or am i just completely lost? Let me know what you guys think is the best thing to do.
    LOL! Bodybuilding is definitely not dead and it's actually one of the biggest niches nowadays, with so many gyms all over the world and so many people interested in gaining muscle / losing weight / eating healthy.

    I've experimented with Tumblr a bit and I've added links to various ebooks and supplements in the description of images. But I've soon realized that the audience of Tumblr mostly consists of teenagers, who are not really willing to spend 30$ on a Fitness ebook.

    So you can send your Tumblr fans to a website where you have Adsense, since they just click without having to buy anything. can move to a different platform like Google Plus (it has many adult users), Facebook or Pinterest.
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