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Hello. Warriors,
I have just started a youtube channel, and my goal is to reach my first 10000 subscribers, what advices can you give me? Is there any good course of "Youtube SEO"?? And what is the best ad network if i want to adbertise my videoos? Facebook ads or...?
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    I've seen a few basic YouTube SEO products, but can summarize them in a few sentences here for you

    In my experience, YouTube is incredibly easy to rank for. In some cases, as soon as my video is uploaded I'll be ranking in the top 10, and sometimes, in the top position.

    Head over to the google keyword tool, and find some long-tail keywords that get ~300+ searches per month, and search them on YouTube. If the first page is full of videos with the exact keyword in the title/description/tags, chances are it'll be hard to rank for.

    If, however, you're finding generic videos that don't feature you're keyword, you might be in luck.

    Make your video, make sure the content is good (watch time matters), and then upload it. Make sure the video file contains your keyword. Make sure your keyword is in the title, and the description.

    Then, I usually find 20 or so other keywords that are very very very similar to the focus keyword, and put them in my tags. Also, try to find a way to work them into your description, as well. (But don't keyword stuff)

    After that's all set up, I take the video over to my G+ account and share it to my personal account, my business account, and all of the communities I'm a member of. Also share it to FB, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc.

    Make sure you have annotations in your videos that link back to your channel so your viewers can easily subscribe, and make sure at the end of the video you tell them to like/comment/share/subscribe.

    And that's pretty much all there is to it. If you keep pushing out good content and going after low-taiol keywords, you'll eventually build enough authority and subscribers to go after more competitive key words, and then you've won.
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    Youtube is an awesome way to drive traffic if not the best at the moment.

    I ranked many video and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

    It's all on you. You just have to fulfill a demand.
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    Good quality and niches that are not so saturated by big players. Start small and grow according to audience response.

    Before you make any video, make sure you can enter that specific niche easily. Later when you get following you can easily start with other more difficult niches.
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    You need to make quality content that people want to watch and share. Also, collaborate with other YouTubers, podcasters and so on. Those are the fastest ways to grow.
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    It must be YouTube channel content appropriately.
    Continued participation in the comments on other sections and request Subscribe to the channel and is very effective.
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    Post great content and share on all your social media. Put some relevant keywords in the description and title.

    Mainly post really good content. Quality over Quantity!
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    I am also interested
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    post the perfect content u can
    then share on all media
    never ever ever forget keywords
    its ur key to success
    also focus on the content !!
    please if you found it useful or u like it press on the thanks button !
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    First create quality and engaging content that people like to watch. Share it on different social meida give nice description and use proper tags.
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    Only few agencies are offering excellent Youtube SEO services. You have to found them through searching. Keyword selection and content management is the most important part in these purpose.

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    Youtube is an awesome way to drive traffic if not the best at the moment.

    I ranked many video and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.
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