Facebook Fan pages - Tips and Tricks

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1. Learn what your fans really like.
Every fan page is around a subject. Some are more specific than others but still there is always content you should post and content you shouldn't. Learn it as fast as you can and stick to right content for your fans.

2. Interact with your fans.
This is extremely important. Interact with your fans in any way possible. Always include questions or call to actions in your post. Always think of a way to make your fans like/comment/share your posts. If someone doesn't interact with your page for a while he/she stops seeing updates from it in their news feeds! This is why many admins see their "people saw this post" drop every time they update their page. Those people don't interact with the page so they stop seeing anything from it. Respond to all messages sent to your page inbox too.

3. Don't post too often.
If you post every one-two hours, you are slowly killing your page. Posting every hour used to work for making most money but Facebook changed everything once again and now we have to adjust our strategy. Post no more often than every 3-4 hours.
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    I like #2 (Interacting with your fans) that is a must for success. I really only post about 1-2 times per day on Facebook. It seems like anymore and it might annoy people so I try to stay to 2 maximum posts per day.
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      Originally Posted by vantung213015 View Post

      I like #3. It's look like a spammer!
      Nope, It is not spamming. Think it as Grey hat.
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    I cannot see myself posting every three or four hours. I manage my company's social media page. I post once everyday except if there is a post I from fans that I need to respond to.

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    I prefer number 2. It's really effective.
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    Great advice if you have fans but what do you do to get fans. I know if you have a fan page you can't post on groups as the fan page author, so how can you get people to be your fan.
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    Wow. It's nice to find this thread. You really have a good point there. Points well taken.

    It's really not advisable to post every hour. I find it very annoying. Try to give the space to others who also need one.
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    • There are a lot of ways to make call to action Facebook Fan page.
      • Excellent Cover Photo
      • Creative & Unique Profile Photo
      • Call to Action Posts
      • Replying to Comment
      • Add Descriptions to All Cover Photos & Include Links
      • Add Descriptions & Links to Profile Images
      • Change the About Section
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    Nice tips..
    Good for increasing engagement and more traffic fast.
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    Hi! I am glad that I came across your post and had an opportunity to read all these useful tips and trick for Facebook fan pages. From my experience, Especially, I agree with your second advice, it is exactly true. In order to make your fans feel satisfied with your fan pages, it is very important to interact with your fans in any possible way. If you stop doing it, you slowly will be killing your page! Thanks so much for sharing this helpful content here!
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    To everyone managing a facebook page, how do you create new relevant content daily for your page?
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    Interesting......I post hourly from 5 am to 9pm. It seems if I post less, my page growth slows down. I think I will try posting less again and see what happens.
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    This is helpful information. I quess I will have to find what works for me.
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