Tricks to increase the "Talking About This" metric that shows up on Facebook page description?

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How goes, my fellow Warriors:

I have a facebook business page, that generally only has one or two people "talking about this", which makes my page and business look very... um... dead. Without a doubt, has to be hurting conversion rate, as it's the result right under my main site.

I have another facebook page that I used to add followers, and share content. I've tried the following things to increase the "talking about this" metric:

1) sharing my facebook page on my email blasts, at end of blog posts, on my "friends" facebook page

2) asking friends from my other account to like my facebook business page.

3) paying for likes.

Once in a while, out of nowhere, I'll get something like 50 people talking about this... but due to the lag, its so hard to know where it comes from. And sometimes I think it's one thing (paying for likes seems to help), but then the next week there's no effect.

This is a pain in the butt, because it needs to be constantly "fought" in order for there to be any positive effect.

Any advice?
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    As a beginner you really have to be patient to gain more likes or followers.

    Try to change your marketing strategy. Gather some informative facts where people could learn something.

    People might find your page interesting and they might share it to some of their friends.
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      Can you add friends to a Facebook business page?
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        Originally Posted by David C. View Post

        Can you add friends to a Facebook business page?
        This is not possible..
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    So, any other ideas to increase the "Talking About This?" Somebody from Warrior Forum's Social Media section must have an answer to this.... if not here, than where else would I go?
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