Quick Trick for getting Cheaper PPC from social media

by bfairo
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The concept is actually pretty simple.

Social media sites love to promote content they think will go viral and thus give you better rates, as low as 1/10th of a cent per click, to advertise Content over Promotions. Instead of advertising with blatant ads, use an informative,funny, etc, article or video and use a call to action in that article/video to than direct them to your list/offer. You not only get cheaper clicks, you refine your targeted traffic even more by only getting those truly interested in your offer to your list. In essence, make your ads look less like ads!

Just thought I'd share with my fellow warriors as social media advertising has not only become more popular but also less effective when plainly advertising.
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    I can attest to this offer, I use this myself on my own Social Media for my Affiliate biz. Works great!
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