What should I do with a FB page with nearly 100K likes

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Can I make money from it? How do I increase the likes?

The niche is animal rescue.

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    You can create a site and drive traffic from your page to that site. On the site you can register google ads...=> Money comes from GA
    Another way is create a youtube channel and register youtube partner.
    Of course there are many ways to make money from Fb page however i think these ways above are easier. Goodluck
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      Sonicmans is right, the ways he mentioned are the best ways to generate revenue via a good and healthy running FB page.
      You can also sell T-Shirts related to animals on that page.
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      I do that now, but the revenue is very low. I think I am doing something wrong.
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    Engage in more and more conversation from your page. You can organize contests, polls and campaigns from your page. As already mentioned you can sell tees and goodies.
    Google ads is another way to go. With 100k likes, it would be fairly easy to get a few ads for your niche.
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    It depends on your engagement. If your engagement level is low, work on that first. If your engagement level is high, run ads to your fans only offering a gift in exchange for their optin to your site. That way is easier and less costly to send an ad too.

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    With 100k likes it is the best way of promoting any business apart from these you can earn huge money as well.
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