What is the most effective way to use twitter to promote an online store?

by Emma18
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I started an online storefront on teespring.com ( https://teespring.com/stores/outlier ). I created a twitter account to promote it. I am not garnering the results I'd hoped for. Does anyone have a supper effective twitter marketing strategy?
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    Follow the others associated with similar trade. Just briefing about you and your business doesn't create community that delivers you business. Serve the latest information to keep the followers interested in your tweets.
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    Search for your target market using hashtags and follow them and mention them in your tweets.
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    Use hashtags effectively. Always be brief, and follow your target audience. Engage in conversation, that is the most effective way to attract attention. Follow people and refer them in your tweets.
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    Twitter is the most effective social media site to make business if you do it right!

    You must need niche and active followers. The more niche followers your have to more opportunity to get leads. => If you are new in twitter you may hire someone to do the task.

    Be Social by RT and Like the niche news from twitter. Tweet frequently but don't spam.
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    These are some great suggestions, thanks. I can already see some of the mistakes I've been making.
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    The best way is the use of hashtags. Use the best hashtag that could generate more readers.

    You also have to follow users of your target market. Make friends with them and that's where you could build a good partnership.
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    Search People with common interests , Use Hashtag of popular keywords. Grow your profile. Solve people queries related to your business. Use Images when you post.
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    I guess you may be missing out the prominent ways of using the twitter marketing strategy for your website. So here are some of the points that can help you to get better results:
    1. Do not use twitter validation system, as there is a chance of people skipping this step that leads to losing the potential followers.
    2. Use Twitter chats:
    Use twitter chats like TWChat.com so as to boost your interactions. Twitter chats work with hashtags.
    3. Use #Hashtags strategically and avoid overusing them. So focus at the use of trending and high traffic hashtags.
    4. Content plays the crucial role. You need to bring relevant content that adds value to your users.
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    seo as share on twitter is useful for backlinks
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    Create attractive contents with proper hashtags related to niche.
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    Twitter is too wide. you can follow the same brand or business trades and it will increase your fan following. You can use keywords to get linked and drop url of your site.
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    You first need to gather a list of active follows before twitter becomes effective. Have you tried other forms of paid advertising such as Facebook, Bing, Adwords? You should give them a try, it could bring you the results you are looking for.
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    Follow people who are already in this business.
    Use their marketing strategy.
    Post relevant tweets to attract your target audience, use hashtags.
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