Whats the Best Social Media Platform For Growing Audiences?

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I have been blogging for some time. I just cant seem to get the big ol LOTS of followers... I have almost all the platforms.. but my most is Twitter with almost 2k almost all are 1k except for Youtube.... Any suggestions.. Thanks
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      I need to learn how to utilize both of them!
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    Facebook with lots of advertising. Instagram and Twitter are very good at building organically. It just takes more time.
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    Facebook, Twitter, Gplus, Linkedin , Pinterest , DesignerNews, Reddit,Quora, Inbound ,Pineapple.io
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    Decide the type of audience you are targeting and accordingly go for the social channel. Are you using any video marketing of your blog posts and articles??
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      No I need to start doing more video and video marketing.. I just hate being in front of camera:/
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    I think the social media you'd focus on would depend on your targeted audience. For example, for a food blog, Pinterest is amazing.

    But, there's loads of sites that have strong followings across multiple major social platforms. So it probably has more to do with social media strategy for a given platform... than finding the 'right platform for growth.'
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  • Haha, it sounds like you could teach a few of us about building up social networks yourself. Those are great numbers.

    Facebook tends to be vary popular, particularly with Facebook groups.

    Instagram is rising in popularity with internet marketers right at this moment and there have been quite a few courses released recently about using it wisely.

    Pinterest is also known to be the social platform with a lot of "buyer" traffic.

    Have a blissful day.



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      Thanks.. with hard work and dedication.. I think my biggest problem is utilizing each platform to the best of what it can do!
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    Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

    Primary Purpose: Builds brand loyalty and reputation. Establishes your business as an authority through interesting content and informational posts.
    Unique Attributes:
    • Reaches a variety of segments of an audience with one post
    • Offers opportunity to create ads to drive traffic to your website/blog
    • Encourages dialogue and depth with a customer base
    • Ideal for sharing personal stories, testimonials, detailed information about your business
    Primary Purpose: Shares breaking news and quick updates, promotes new products, content, or brand contests, collects instant feedback from your audience.
    Unique Attributes:
    • Serves people looking for quick info, company news, and immediate response to questions about products or events
    • Focuses on dialogue creation and starting conversations with customers
    • Known for its hashtag (#) communication functionality
    • Best platform for PR/publicity purposes when traditional media does not respond
    Primary Purpose: Acts as an online scrapbook, showcases products, and displays brand essence through inspiration boards.
    Unique Attributes:
    • Generates leads and drives traffic to other content (or back to your website)
    • Visually promotes and highlights products/services through images
    • Provokes immediate or future Call-to-Action (CTA) responses
    • Allows you to micro-target your search with clearly defined categories
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      VERY detailed thanks for the info .. I think I under estimate myself
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  • Actually, it depends on your market. I've had good results using Twitter and FB on one niche. While for another niche, I focus mainly on G+ or LinkedIn. And for another one, I primarily use Instagram. It's best if you know your market first. Once you know where your market it, you'll know what the best platform to reach them.
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      I think I am so broad that I need to really focus in on my niche and rebrand myself or something
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    The most popular social channels are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google +.
    But which one is best for you, it depends on your target audience.
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      Should I rebrand myself and where best place to learn some branding?
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    For bloggers LinkedIn is also a nice place to grow audience. Connect your blogs with LinkedIn profile and participate on LinkedIn groups.
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