Does someone have a step by step guide on creating traffic from Pinterest?

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If you are promoting and affiliate link, what is the best way to drive traffic to your affiliate link using Pineterest?
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    Originally Posted by karenmmcgee View Post

    If you are promoting and affiliate link, what is the best way to drive traffic to your affiliate link using Pineterest?
    This post from CoSchedule might help with setting things up.
    How To Get More Followers On Pinterest With 21+ Tactics

    You could also look at some articles on or just out what Ezra Firestone has done with Pinterest.

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    I would go to warrior plus and look up pinfabulous or pinplosion by vendor: sojourn

    you will not go wrong with either one


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    Pinterest has a huge amount of FREE traffic (over 70 million
    users) that we can tap into.

    Choose your niche. More than 87% of Pinterest users are women. Hence, u should go into women-dominated niches. Set up a wordpress website and before pinning it on Pinterest write some good articles on your website/blog related to your affiliated product having affiliate link in it with eye caching images and inforgraphics. This is so that we can spread the posts across several boards. You can write your own or outsource article, images or infographics on After that follow these steps given below.

    1. Sign up for a Pinterest account.
    2. Verify your website on Pinterest.
    4. Create 6-7 boards
    5. Download “pin it” bookmarklet because rather than entering the details of our posts manually, we can simply go to the post on our website, and pin it by clicking the “Pin It”
    6. Repin 150 your images regularly.
    7. Follow 150 people daily.
    8. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach 2000 pins and 500 following.
    9. Start pinning images from your website
    10.Commenting is a powerful method that you can use to gain more
    11. Repin, follow, and pin your own images every day.

    Thats it.


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    You might also want to have a look at this guide:

    How to Get (Massive) Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog
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