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I am having trouble signing into my Instagram accounts. I am receiving this message:

The username you entered doesn't belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.

I have been sent emails upon signing up on accounts and have confirmed the username. I do not know what to do to access my accounts, all have their own individual email account.

Why is this happening and how can I access accounts that has been confirmed through email?
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    I've had a similar experience before.

    When I forgot my password, I tried to reset it and then after resetting my password, I went to log in but I got the same error message you got. I may have removed the email by accident while resetting the password.

    Later I found that my account now belong to someone else, I don't know how.

    I hope this helps in some way or another.

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    This started to happen after the new update. Are you using personal accounts or accounts for marketing?
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      I am sing accounts for marketing.

      I also used a bitly url in the bio that led to a MMO landing page. (is that allowed)

      Can you use bitly URL/s and how does the new update factor into marketing in Instagram?
      What can you do to get a marketing account working?
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