Facebook purchase behavior targeting where?

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Hello everyone,

I have recently made quite the amount of research for Facebook ad targeting to make sure I would target my ads right, while doing so I stumbled upon a bunch of blogs and articles which suggests the most powerful tool for targeting is the "Purchase behavior" option. Only problem is that when I try and find the "purchase behavior" under the "detailed targeting" I cant find it, the only thing close to anything with "purchase" is the option to target "FB payment" although I am not sure exactly what that is.

Do any of you know if the "purchase behavior" feature is outdated and replaced with the "FB payment", if it has never existed or if I am simply using the wrong ad editor or what?
Also if the "FB payment" is indeed the replacement or something alike what exactly does it do?

Just to make sure you know I have actually seen it in other blogs, here is an image of one of them.

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