Best way to get likes/followers on FB and instagram?

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I'm starting a new webshop selling accessories for drones and something I've never really looked into regarding marketing is social media

I figured facebook and instagram are quite popular and great for branding and showing off products, so these two are probably the best channels to start with, might look into youtube after some time as well.

So what are the best ways to get likes/followers (mainly in the beginning)? How did you do it?
Is paid social media advertising worth it?
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    As a quick answer, yes, it's worth it.

    What I suggest you do in the beginning if your page is new is to:

    0. Learn who your audience is. Find other pages and perhaps groups that have interests related to you niche.

    1. Make some valuable posts on your page. Funny things always work best but they have to be likable, shareable, comment-able. The more stir you make, the better.

    2. Once you have 10-20 good posts you can do a campaign for Page likes. (you'll know where, Facebook is pushing these messages all the time on your Page if you're logged in as Admin or Owner)

    3. Start boosting your posts with small amounts ($1-2) and try and learn what your audience is keen on.

    4. Try to grow your page using great posts and the "Invite" function from those who liked your posts. (you simply click on the number of likes under each post - you have to be logged in as Admin or Owner).

    Here's an article showing it: Invite People Who Liked Your Post To Like Your Facebook Page | WeRSM | We Are Social Media

    5. The most powerful method I can think of, especially giving your niche is running a contest.

    You can grow a heck of a list by running a contest and you can market them for a long time.

    If you're interested in this, there are a few suggestions I can make further, you can send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.

    6. I don't recommend that you start monetizing your posts. Meaning no links to squeeze pages, sales pages and so on. Facebook is more and more against this and will kill your reach, even if the posts are great and you have tons of followers already.

    7. There are a few things I can suggest instead of putting sign-up/sales page links on your posts and I wrote a long reply on that here:

    I hope this is useful for you.
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        Originally Posted by Aart95 View Post

        Thank you so much! this is indeed very useful
        I might PM you in the near future for further suggestions
        Glad I could help and looking forward hearing from you if you have questions.

        Good luck!
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    Use beautiful pictures of your products to post on Facebook and Instagram. Share quality and engaging content, use videos to let others know about products.
    Write blogs and share on different social media to get more social signals.
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  • Hi,

    I think facebook is a popular one considering your niche. It's because more people have FB accounts than they have instagram. I previously read a good thread here in WF which made a good conversion out of her FB ads. You will find this one very useful:

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    YouTube is also a great way to attract drone enthusiasts. Nowadays there is more content here on this niche than anywhere else. There are lots of owners who post their first flight, putting together a kit, and other similar things.
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    Have you tried for CPC methods?

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    Absolutely do video content with IG and link your youtube channel with your IG account, this way your IG would easily gives you lots of traffic to your youtube videos. If you've no experience with ranking a youtube video it'll be very tough for you.
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    Your primary goal in signing up for Instagram, is to gain followers. With many followers, you gain exposure and connections. Aside from this, your followers can turn into potential sales if you offer products and services. Listed below are some essential tips on how to gain more followers.

    Top Hacks on How to Get More Followers on Instagram:

    1. Interact with your followers by offering exclusive content.
    Build a relationship with your Followers to keep them coming back to your account by sharing information that only you can offer. Use Instagram to reveal special news that you haven't shared anywhere else. This will make your Followers feel special.

    2. Create a profile that is buzz-worthy and represents your brand.
    This is one of the best strategies to turn followers into clients. Use high-quality images and be consistent with your style. Personalize your brand to make it more likeable. Don't forget to be authentic!

    3. Post extraordinary photos and videos that connects you to your followers.
    Since Instagram is a visual platform, use the power of your photos and videos to entice your followers. Use other apps such as VSCO to add filters to your photos. Add videos that are relevant and interesting.

    4. Maximize the power of hashtags.
    Hashtag is one of the most powerful feature in Instagram. When used well, it can catapult your profile views and allows you to connect to a community.

    5. Run contests for your followers.
    Come up with a cool contest that your followers will be interested to join in. Make sure you have an awesome prize within your target market. Include a voting element that will draw many contest participants.

    6. Learn about Instagram Marketing by reading materials and guides from the experts.
    There are plenty of guides that will help you through the basics of Instagram marketing up unto the more complex topics. Read through them and continue to know your way to the ins and outs of Instagram for business.

    7. Connect with your followers by commenting, regramming their posts and direct messaging them.
    Make a connection with your followers and foster a real relationship with them. This will make them feel like they are part of your Instagram family. If you’re a brand, engage by regramming their posts that features your products.

    8. Use Instagram Tools
    If you manage more than one account and struggle to post at a consistent schedule, there are plenty of Instagram tools that you can use. These management tools provide ease in scheduling posts and other tasks.
    Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker at
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    Follow, like, comment and share similar items to your niche. Do share for shares.
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