Monetize pugs fanpage with (only) 12k likes

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Any way to monetize this when the number is so low? I read somewhere that 10k is the "magic" limit when it comes to monetizing, but I've had no luck with making money with it yet. I've made t-shirts, are planning on pushing a CB product or two in not too long. We'll see how it goes.

It's a very active page, my reach is in the thousands on every single post. But then again, I keep good contact with my fans.. That won't make me money though..

Anyone with experience in making money on pet pages?
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    Try posting new articles from a website with Adsense. There is a guy doing that for Labradors and making money. Also promote pet products during the holidays. He ended up selling the site (Labrador fan club) on I think
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    MyLikes or some affiliate ads may do something, but with a page that small it needs to be extremely active. With just 12k likes I would focus on building more likes before doing a bunch of advertising. Post images, videos, other stuff that your fans will share. The more it starts to spread the more it will grow!
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    My two cents...I wouldn't directly monetize on the page but rather build a list and use that as a monetization platform.

    You could also build a sales page for your main product/service that you host directly on a Facebook tab INSIDE Facebook.

    The idea here is that those people who have already liked or interacted with your page in some way may very well be "warm enough" for you to market to directly.

    You can also install a second tab where you giveaway a "Free Gift" of some sort, which you re-direct this tab directly to a squeeze page on your website.

    With this tab you can both drive free traffic and paid traffic directly to your squeeze page, and immediately after entering their name and email address (on the thank you page) you can presented with your main offer.

    Here's how to create custom tabs:
    How to Create Custom Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page

    If they don't purchase immediately you will have them on your list and can continue to market to them there.

    Anyway, Facebook tabs are a great idea if your fans are engaged.

    Also, you can grow a heck of a list by running a contest and you can market them for a long time. Especially in this niche where dog owners are so passionate about their pets, contests go very well.
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    Two things . . .

    First, what is there on your page that is very compelling and motivating ... almost forcing someone to make a purchase right now?

    Second, how is your audience (the people that come to your page) targeted to exactly what you're trying to sell? Have they pre-qualified themselves saying they are interested in exactly what you're offering? Are they actively seeking to buy what you are selling?

    If both of these prerequisites aren't being met, you should not expect anything but a single random sale here and there.

    Promoting anything online is all about finding people that are looking to purchase exactly what you are selling.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Sell cute stuff which low-costing product such as cute dog leash or socks something that is cheap and will make the pug even cuter, learn your target.

    Such as why they buy pugs instead of other dogs, what do pugs love or fit in nicely such as...

    Learn how these pet owner thinks and you'll be easily monetizing your niche.
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