How can Facebook ads be simpler for the SMB owner or non-marketer?

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We've been working on Adsvise for a month or so now.

It started as a tool to help us as designers and marketers to save time when looking for digital ad spec sizes across multiple social and advertising channels.

From that initial idea we launched a 'size guide' that we pushed out to multiple channels and it caught on really quick as it was genuinely something that people needed.

As traffic and engagement were both high, we decided to probe deeper and see if their was a business in this as the size guide was available for free. We put up a short survey to discover our audience better which split our users into 3 main groups: designers, marketers and small business owners.

When we went deeper into what the biggest problem for the SMB owners was, there was a huge reaction to not feeling comfortable with digital ads and in particular Facebook.
So we worked with a handful of them in an attempt to get to understand them better and solve this. The results were awesome and after working manually with them for a few weeks we launched the beta page for our new Ads manager tool! - this is where everything lives.

We've spoken to startups without marketing expertise and found it's a similar problem for them too.

What do you feel can be 'fixed' with Facebook ads? What feels intuitive and what is an obvious area that needs improvement?
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