Social media strategy for online store?

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My online store gets most of its traffic from SEO and PPC. I've been posting one product per day to the store's social media accounts for a long time but that doesn't seem to be a very effective strategy. Is there a better social media strategy for an online store?
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    I would advice you to engage with people who has similar interest and follow them for them to follow you back. If your product is really expensive I'd suggest you use IG Ads instead, however you're selling things like cloths or price between 20-40$ stick to what I said above.
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    i am running an online store on facebook, and it is doing great for now. i use local facebook pages for small adds to post my products, and because my prices are lower than the prices other people offer i am selling a lot of items. You should have a lot of products on your online store so you can attract more people and they can buy everything they need from their store. If someone wants to buy few items and you only have one of those even if the item is much cheaper than in other places the buyer will buy from other store that has all the things he needs.
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    Increase your social media activities, engage with your audience, post beautiful images of your products.
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    What do you sell? Where is the audience who wants that product likely to be?

    For example, if I were selling wedding dresses to brides, there's huge presence of my target audience on Pinterest.

    5 things to help you get started on improving your strategy:

    1. Set up a free Hootsuite or Buffer account, spend an hour each week finding other peoples content to distribute alongside yours. (Remember to always credit, link and for it to be useful to your target audience.) Bulk schedule tweets/posts/updates to be distributed on your channels at different times.

    2. Use bitly links in your updates so you can track your social traffic

    3. What suits your product best? Is it visual or craft related? Is it for an older or younger audience? I think you need to research into each platform and decide the most effective platforms for you to be spending time on.

    4. Social listening - This really counts as two steps but...
    Find out what your target audience want and need, provide it. Twitter search is a good place to start. Study what comes up when you type in your product keywords.

    5. Diversify your content but keep it relevant. Don't just post an image of your product with a white background - get inventive and creative, followers and fans will thank you for it.

    For more tips feel free to message me.
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    I suggest you to focus on Facebook. Facebook can bring you a huge amount of traffic. What kind of product you are selling? Try to get targeted traffic. Create a page of your store. There are some basic rules of using Facebook effectively. Are you familiar with Facebook " Edge Rank"? How to reach only targeted traffic on Facebook?

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  • You can also try running a promotion exclusive to Facebook or Twitter to get more attention.
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    You should not only post your products, also, should participate differently type activities too, for example, Share, Like, Reply,Comment, Favorite.
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