FB Ads -Why is the suggested bid amount so high? $16 for 1000 impressions

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Hi everyone.

I am learning more on Facebook ads to send people to my website. I was just messing around with the detailed targeting. I duplicated what someone else did in his case study just to get myself familiar with it. I will not run the campaign.

After narrowing it down, the potential reach is 34,000 people. The case study potential reach was 77,000. I guess that the case study was done sometime back.

I Set a $10 daily budget.

Optimization for ad delivery: Impressions
When I clicked the bid amount (manual), the suggested bid showed is USD $15.98 Dollars for every 1000 impressions. The range was $10.70 - $25.42.

Why is it so expensive? I'm not too sure if I've done anything wrong. In the case study, this guy's suggested bid was only USD$3.42 USD per 1000 impressions. The range was ($1.44 - $4.96).
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    Disclaimer: I've not run facebook ads, but I am familiar with paid advertising.

    With that out of the way, you have to consider cost per person - which comes to less than 2 cents per impression.

    I think that's pretty cheap actually.

    That cost is likely also determined partly on what the competition is within what ever market your ad is targeted for.

    The only way you are going to know if it is worth it is to just do it. But make sure you are set up to collect names at the other end of that funnel as it's considered paid traffic.

    If you can get someones attention just once to click through, you might have to hunt them back down more than once to get them to convert.

    It's going to depend on what you are selling on your site (and for how much) too.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    In my experience as a freelance marketer, impressions are a waste of money. You pay even if someone scrolled by without looking at it. Choose CPC, it will be cheaper and more effective.
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    The suggested bid is sometimes huge on Facebook but that doesn't really matter. It's basically just like in an auction, the highest price you are willing to pay.

    Just leave it to Automatic.
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