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I am using reddit to last 6 month, we are getting maximum 6-8 click per month. How can I increase traffic on my website through reddit?
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    Reddit is mainly for getting exposures and drive target website traffic, whereupon your website will look more legitimate in Google’s eye.
    Write good title to attract viewers.
    Find right subreddit
    Interact with others
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    The most important thing here is your content and the title of your article. If that catches an eye to the people who are using reddit frequently, then you might get more traffic. Most of the times people who are visiting the site are present on the site for hardly 5 mins, because they are coming to do bookmarking. Other than that I myself have never been on reddit for long time, even though my account is more than 5 years old.
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    I don't believe that we can get good traffic from Reddit.
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    Are you set on just reddit? Maybe trying other social media channels may help you better. However, in any case, the content you post is very important. Is it attractive? Would you click on it if you were the reader?
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    Hmm.. I think you should post interesting topic/s, and find the right subreddit.
    You can also try posting on various forums.
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    I usually follow these simple steps to get more traffic from Reddit
    These two steps are more important than others
    Read the rules of sub-reddits and avoid spamming
    Read Reddit Rules and avoid spamming
    Make more up vote to be in the first page of Reddit
    Share interesting and informative content
    Give an interesting Title
    Use suitable Sub-Reddit
    Interact with other members

    Read the rules of sub-reddits and avoid spamming

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    Reddit is one of the best way to get traffic, but make sure you didn't spam it.
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    Create something worth reading or viewing like a nice photo, a cartoon or a really useful article, add a small reference to your product or service and submit it as a link to Reddit. If it gets enough upvotes, it will stay on the first page long enough for you to get a nice chunk of traffic.
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    if you not spam, you will get more traffic
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    The Reddit is a great place from where you can get enough traffic to your website but stay away from spam. The title and description which you want to post in Reddit should be very interesting and its related to new Reddit trending. If all details are fine and continue in perfect way, then you might get expected traffic which you want.
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    In Reddit keep it relevant - see to what topic is popular already there and address a large audience. Before thinking to promote your own it is advisable to post few other things. Finally, don't do over promote. Comment and reply to everyone. They tend to benefit but it takes a time to reach.
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