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by ari k
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Hey warriors, lately i have been trying to get my youtube channel up and running. Currently i am not trying to promote any cps or cpa products but only to promote my youtube channel. I have learned a lot about fb ads and in my last attempt i spend 5$ to boost a post in which i shared my youtube video in. i had a call to action that stated " click here to subscribe for more videos" and the results were great in my opinion. i got 240+ likes on that post and 150+ fb followers but the problem is that it all stayed on fb. No one went and subscribed to my channel and i have no idea what can i do. Nothing i did worked.
currently i have 3000 youtube subscribers that i was able to gain after 8 month of hard work, i i dont want to give up my youtube channel but i want to make a good money - active subscribers type of relationship that i can control. Finally i know about youtube and twitter ads but i really want to succeed on fb because of the low cpc. Thanks a bunch ari
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    You could build a list on Facebook and send your subscribers to your videos/channel via email followup.

    You can also create giveaways and contests on Facebook where one of the required steps is to subscribe to your channel. You could do this using Lead Forms. On your channel you could install a script like this one that will create a pop-up:
    Get More YouTube Subscribers With That Very Simple Trick | WeRSM | We Are Social Media

    However, Facebook and YouTube (Google) are obvious competitors when it comes to traffic and it will always be kind of a hassle to promote one platform's product on the other. I would recommend you have a look at YouTube advertising. Something like 70%-80% of the YouTube display network ad inventory remains unsold, so there are a lot of cheap views (and clicks) that you can get from YouTube by spending a small amount of money advertising there.

    This, paired with great calls to action using annotations and video cards could work better for you.

    Anyway, just some thoughts and whatever you decide, best of luck!

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      Hey thank you so much for replying! i have the script for the youtube pop up and i have made posts about giveaways to attract subscribers but the problem is that no matter what i do i cant get people to click on my link . all i get is a list of followers on facebook that i can send to my videos. About youtube advertising, can i get dirt cheap 0.01 ppv there? and can i put my ads on speciefic niche realated youtube channels? also, what do you think about twitter ads? are they effective when it comes to youtube subs?
      btw this is my fb fan page, can you tell me if my call to action is good?
      thanks again ari
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    Think of youtube advertising, should work better for you goals.
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      That's right!

      Check out google AdWords for youtube videos.

      Not only will it get you more viewers but youtube will also rank it higher since you paid them (that was a little secret right here)

      Even if you only spend $1 youtube will already consider your video for a higher ranking.

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      Think of youtube advertising, should work better for you goals.
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        hey thank you for your help i will try youtube ads , do you know if i am able to put my ads on speciefic niche related channels ? becasue i looked into those type of ads and i didnt find a category that is suitable for my type of videos.
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    Thank for your help.Definitely i will try it.
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